33rd Annual Report 1428H (2007-2008)

Annual Report 1428H

The 1428H Annual Report include the annual review report by the Board of Executive Directors in addition to five chapters covering: (1) Economic Performance and Major Developmental Issues Affecting Member Countries, (2) Fostering Economic Development, (3) Alleviating Poverty and Promoting Human Development, (4) Forging Trade and Economic Cooperation, and (5)  Strengthening Islamic Finance.

The Annual Report also includes the audited financial statements of the Bank as well as those of the operations of the Waqf Fund, the Export Financing Scheme and the Islamic Banks Portfolio for Investment and Development.

Table of Contents
Summary Record of IDB Group Activities for the Period 1396H-1428H    (PDF 327 KB)
Cumulative IDB Group Operations by Major Modes of Financing for the Period 1396H-1428H  (PDF 564 KB)
1428H in Review - Board of Executive Directors' Report (PDF 432 KB)

Robust Economic Performance but Key Challenges Remain Ahead

Strengthening Development Assistance

Operations Financing

Risk Management

Financial Results


Activities of the Board of Directors

Achieving Institutional Effectiveness

Organizational Development

1. Economic Performance and Major Developmental Issues Affecting Member Countries  (PDF 1.5 MB)

Macroeconomic Performance

Social Performance of Member Countries

Major Developmental Issues

2. Fostering Economic Development  (PDF 759KB)

Review of Development Assistance by Economic Sectors and Regions

Promoting Private Sector Development

Leveraging Development Partnerships

Managing for Development Effectiveness

Project Profiles by Country 1428H

3. Alleviating Poverty and Promoting Human Development   (PDF 728 KB)

The Challenges of Poverty Alleviation

Development Assistance to Least Developed Member Countries

Sustaining Development of Human Capital

Capacity Building Assistance

4. Forging Trade and Economic Cooperation   (PDF 718 KB)

Global Trade and Intra-Trade Performance of Member Countries

Recent Initiatives to Promote Trade Integration

Assessment of Trade Financing Operations

Capacity Building for Trade and Investment

Cooperation with The OIC And Related Institutions

Cooperation with Development Partners

5. Strengthening Islamic Finance   (PDF 317KB)

Overview of Developments in Islamic Finance

Promoting Islamic Finance for Development

Knowledge Building in Islamic Finance



Financial Statements


Ordinary Capital Resources (PDF 1 MB)


IDB Special Account Resources WAQF Fund (PDF 877 KB)


IDB Export Financing Scheme (PDF 902 KB)


Islamic Banks' Portfolio for Investment and Development (PDF 913 KB)


Comparative Statement Showing OCR Actual Expenditure for 1427H and 1428H and Approved Budget for 1429H (2008) (PDF 415 KB)


OCR Statement of Subscriptions to Capital Stock and Voting Power as on January 9, 2008 (PDF 433 KB)


Governors and Alternate Governors (PDF 459 KB)


Board of Executive Directors (PDF 420 KB)


Management and Senior Officials (PDF 453 KB)


Corporate Profile of the Islamic Development Bank (PDF 261 KB)


Brief Corporate Profile of IDB Group Entities, Funds and Affiliates (PDF 186 KB)