Awqaf Properties Investment Fund (APIF)

Application Procedure For Projects Financing under APIF

Financing requests may be sent direct to the AMD at the contact address given below, and should indicate the purpose of financing, amount requested, proposed mode of financing, and required duration. A basic information form should be attached to the financing request to which other documents should also be attached including the company’s and the project’s legal documents, last three-five years audited financial statements.



Data and Documentation Required for Consideration of Applications to Finance Waqf Projects

Due to the fact that APIF aims at investment in Awqaf real estate projects that are financially viable in order to achieve growth of such property, realize a reasonable financial return on investments that would enable the endower to spend it on the goals and purposes for which the property was endowed, APIF gives special attention to ensuring that the projects it finances meet certain qualitative criteria and the generation of a suitable financial return on the investment made in these projects.

Therefore, consideration of a project submitted to APIF for financing requires availability of comprehensive information on the basis of which the studies can be prepared and an informed decision on the financing of the project made. The following documents and information are usually required by APIF for study and evaluation:

  1. A comprehensive project feasibility study that would include the following components:
  1. Basic information about the Waqf:
  2. This should include the basic information pertaining to the Waqf and the supply of a copy of the Waqf official deed.
  3. Basic information about the entity in charge of the Waqf:
  4. This should include supplying the basic information about the entity in charge of the Waqf, along with the annual audited statements of such entity.
  5. The information related to similar projects that have been completed by the same entity in charge of the Waqf being considered for financing.

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