Appraisal Report Format: Applicable to Equity Investments in Islamic Financial Institutions

I. Introduction

  1. Information related to:


II. IDB's Operations In The Country

  1. Information related to:

III. Economic Overview of the Country

  1. Information related to:


  1. Brief analysis of:


  1. Analysis of the financial sector including:


  1. Review of the banking sector including:


IV. The Project:


  1. Legal aspects:
  1. The main promoters and their background.
  2. Authorized and paidup capital, contribution of each shareholder, etc.
  3. Board of Directors.
  4. Shariah Board.
  5. Organizational structure
  6. Market analysis including:
  1. Proposed business and marketing plan.
  2. Financial products to be offered
  3. Projected operating results and financial position (including a summary of past results, if the institution has an operating history, and comments thereon).
  4. Sensitivity analysis.
  5. SWOT analysis.
  6. Details of buy-back arrangements, if any.


VI. Recommendations

(1) Economic structure of the country
(2) Summary of financial performance of selected financial institutions of the country.
(3) Organizational structure of the institution.
(4) CVs of key management personnel.
(5) Details of projected operating results and financial position.