Science & Technology Programmes

Inter Islamic S&T Networks: Annual Workshops Scheme

An annual state-of-the-art workshop scheme with an amount of $200,000 per year for eight workshops, with $25,000 allocated to each, was approved in 1419H. In 1426H, the Bank completed seven cycles of implementation through the eight OIC Science and Technology Networks established by the COMSTECH for:


  1. Water Resources (INWARDAM; Jordan-based);
  2. Renewable Energy Sources (INRES; Pakistan-based);
  3. Space Sciences and Technology (ISNET; Pakistan based);
  4. Oceanography (INOC; Turkey-based);
  5. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (INOGE; Egyptbased);
  6. Tropical Medicine (INTROM; Malaysiabased);
  7. Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA; UAE-based); and
  8. Information and Communication Technology (INIT; Pakistan-based).


These workshops are subject to official request from the Networks’ Headquarters and sponsorship of the COMSTECH. Participants are members of these networks and resource persons from reputed OIC countries/International S&T Institutions.