Science & Technology Programmes

S&T Centres of Excellence Trilateral Cooperation Scheme

The IDB facilitates cooperation between various centres of excellence across member countries by encouraging the formulation of joint projects between the centres and funding research on joint projects through grants.

The scheme is designed as a series of trilateral cooperation operations involving each

  1. a relatively advanced centre in a given specialty field,
  2. one or more less advanced counterpart centres in the same specialty field and
  3. IDB as a facilitator, in collaboration with the OIC Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH).





The content of such cooperation will cover exchanges of scientists, on-the-job training, sharing of existing facilities and information and provision of expertise with a view to uplift the capacity and standards of the weaker centres while making enhanced utilization of the ber centres.


Legal Framework

Each operation is conducted within the framework of a Technical Assistance Agreement and financed through a grant as per draft agreement