Science & Technology Programmes

IDB Expatriate Nationals Programme

This programme has been formulated on the model of the UNDP Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN). It is intended to facilitate short term recruitments of Highly Qualified Expatriate Nationals in relevant fields of Science & Technology with a view to support institutional capacity building and development of S&T in OIC member countries; A peculiarity of this programme is that an Expatriate National of a given OIC country may be dispatched to any OIC country.


  1. To strengthen the economic, technical and scientific developmental process of OIC Member Countries through short term assignments of highly qualified expatriate nationals.
  2. To provide technical assistance to a range of sectors for the development of OIC Member Countries, in accordance with their own priorities.
  3. To identify priority areas of research and development in technological fields.
  4. To accelerate the process of technical assistance through the experts’ knowledge coupled with their cultural affinity and acceptability.



IDB and COMSTECH, in coordination with OIC Member Countries, intend to jointly implement the programme for which funds will be provided by IDB in order to alleviate some of losses incurred as a result of brain drain back the talents into the main stream of development.

The project will provide short term technical assistance through expatriate professionals originating from OIC Member Countries. The average duration of service per consultancy assignment for short term will be 4-8 weeks whereas the services of consultant will also be arranged for longer duration assignment up to one year.

Furthermore, an active cooperation will be developed among the agencies i.e. COMSTECH, IDB, focal point organizations / agencies in OIC Member Countries to strengthen the programme for transfer of technology through visit of expatriate specialists.

The profile of the programme would be the same and common questionnaires / brochures will be used for such assignments.

The implementation of the Project will result in a substantial amount of transfer of advanced technology, knowledge and skills in wide areas of specialization through short term assignments of outstanding specialists positioned abroad.

The project activities will be helpful to a number of organizations / agencies in public / private sector in OIC Member Countries to increase their capabilities in specific areas selected for their improvement and development.