Technical Cooperation Program (TCP) among IDB Member Countries

Recruitment of Experts:

The experts are recruited to help IDB member countries to prepare a specific study related to a project or to provide advisory services for capacity building purposes.


The beneficiary country must provide well-defined, precise and comprehensive Terms of Reference which, inter alia, tasks to be performed, academic, qualification and expertise to facilitate recruitment of an appropriate expert with the required level of professional qualifications and work experience. A definite period for execution of the specific assignment should also be stipulated.


Upon selection of a suitable expert, a final contract is signed by the TCO and the expert clearly stipulating the obligations of all parties concerned.


Amount: US$ 25,000 maximum

Duration: Maximum 6 months

Experts: The services of more than one expert can also be utilized provided the amount should not exceed US$ 25,000 for the operation.

Extension: In general not possible, however in special cases and subject to the Management approval and availability of resources it may be extended to a maximum period of two months, but will be considered a new operation.


General Conditions:

IDB Financing: - The Bank will provide the expert with a round trip economy class air ticket.


Beneficiary Country: Free single accommodation, local transportation, and administrative/secretarial facilities and continuous follow-up.


Donor Country: The donor country is required to continue paying the salary and other fringe benefits to the expert during his assignment.

Report The expert is expected to furnish a comprehensive report on his performance.

Provision of Contract
The relation between the expert and the Bank will be governed by a contract for every assignment. The contract will be signed by both the TCO and the expert.


Insurance Coverage: The Bank shall provide insurance coverage for the period of assignment in line with its rules and regulations.