Technical Cooperation Program (TCP) Among IDB Member Countries

On-the-Job Training

This vehicle aims to augment the skills and enrich the experience of technical and professional staff. It consists of the three types Formal Training, Study Visits, Familiarization Visits and as following:


  1. Formal Training:



  1. Study Visits
    Study visits are designed to allow the officials from one member country to acquire knowledge and experience on specific issue from another country. Hence, it is an educational tour to acquaint officials of the IDB member countries with institutions, industries etc. of other member countries.



  1. Familiarization Visits:
    The Islamic Development Bank offers a familiarization visit to it's headquartering to officials from IDB member countries to help them understand IDB activities and windows. Furthermore, the familiarization visits aim to achieve the following objectives:


  1. To alleviate the effect of change of staff in the member countries as well as to cater for amendments in the Bank's policies
  2. To acquire more information on IDB operations and windows.
  3. To allow OIC member states to open dialogue with IDB to become a member country of IDB.



General Conditions:


IDB Financing:



Coverage: Must guarantee continued payment of salaries and other fringe benefits to the trainees.



Coverage: - Reception/Departure formalities at the airport.

- Training facilities and documents free of cost.


Modalities and Procedures:

  1. Applicants must complete and submit the prescribed application forms to the TCO providing detailed information.
  2. The application must be supported and endorsed by the Office of the IDB Governor or the National Focal Point for the country concerned.