Technical Cooperation Program (TCP) among IDB Member Countries

Seminars/Workshops and Conferences


A Seminar is a meeting with a limited number of experts to exchange experience on a specific subject with the purpose of enhancing knowledge and understanding of that subject. The duration of a seminar could be from 3 to 5 working days.


A Workshop is meeting of individuals which usually cover one specific area. It includes group discussions, new organizational changes and several suggestions for coping with them.


A Conference is a meeting of individuals or representatives of various bodies for the purpose of discussing and/or acting on topics of common interest.


IDB Coverage: - For local and regional seminars/workshops maximum US$ 25,000, however, when more than 3 countries participate, the ceiling could be increased to US$ 60,000. For exceptional seminars where cost increases more than this amount, the matter has to be submitted to the IDB Board of Executive Directors for consideration and approval.

Honorarium to the Resource Person:

Modalities and Procedures:

  1. The TCO or the Organizer would send to the candidates a brief information bulletin giving a synopsis of the content of the seminar/workshop, the programme, the target group and the qualifications and experience they should possess.
  2. The TCO would seek to obtain at least 2 candidates from each country, and would select the suitable one on the basis of suitability of academic / professional qualifications and work experience related to the topic of the seminar/workshop.