Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP)

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MSP Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme?
A - The Programme is for the support of IDB Member Countries to develop their scientifically and technologically advanced human resources and institutions.  The Programme offers scholarship for (i) 3-year Ph.D. and (ii) 6-12 months Post-Doctorate.


Q - Am I eligible?
A -  You are eligible if you are (i) citizen of an IDB member country, (ii) have the required academic and professional background, (iii) age not over 35 years for Ph.D. and 40 years for Post-Doc, (iv) working for a scientific development institution/organ in your country, and (v) your application is nominated by your institution.


Q - What fields of study are covered?
A - Fields of study are broadly science and technology sectors that are in priority development needs of your country, such as health/medicine, agriculture/food production, water resources/desertification, energy/infrastructure development, nanotechnology, development-focused ICT, and pure science subjects


Q - Where will I study?
A - You are open to study/research at the world’s top most universities ranked by Times Higher Education Supplement (THES). However, priority is given to study/research at IDB partners universities (listed in the announcement)


Q - How do I apply?
A - Fill-in the application form, get nomination from your institution with signature and stamp on the relevant page of the form and then forward it to IDB Governor Office in your country by the deadline (31st December). Click for Ph.D or Post Doctoral application form. Click for list of IDB Governor Offices. No direct application is considered by IDB.


Q - What is the role of IDB Governor’s Office?
A - The IDB Governor Office is the focal point for the Programme to receive, screen and forward the most suitable applications to IDB.


Q - What are my entitlements?
A - Entitlements cover both academic and living expenses including health insurance and return air-fare. The scholarship also provides family allowances (Ph.D. only), conference participation and computer allowances.


Q - What IDB expects of me?
A - Complete your research/study programme successfully on time,  return to your country / institution, and participate in development activities in your country/region.


Q - How can I meet the IDB’s expectations?
A - As the scholarship is mainly for the benefit of your country, you will take necessary steps to implement your research work and serve with your expertise for the country’s development programmes.


Q - How will IDB guide me to fulfill the expectations?
A - As you must register with the Science Development Network (SDN), the network for IDB scholars and be a member of the IDB Alumni, you will be integrated into various IDB programmes and activities that will be announced by the IDB from time to time.