IDB Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q - What is IDB Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities?

    A - The Programme is for academically meritorious but financially needy students from Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries of IDB for undergraduate study. The IDB Scholarship is an interest-free loan (Qard Hassan) to the students and grant to his community.

  2. Q - Am I eligible?

    A - You are eligible if you have completed pre-university education with very good grades in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, language proficiency, have confirmed admission or in the first year of study (to study in your own country), age not over 24 years and not in receipt of any other scholarship.

  3. Q - What fields of study are covered?

    A - Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture and related subjects.

  4. Q - Where will I study?

    A - In your own country. However, on exceptional basis for students of some selected countries, IDB assists to place them in its member countries.

  5. Q - How do I apply?

    A - Fill-in the application form, attach copies of all necessary documents and submit to IDB Counterpart Organization (CPO) in your country. Click here for application form. Click here for list of Counterpart Organizations
    (CPOs). No direct application is considered by IDB.

  6. Q - What is the role of Counterpart Organizations (CPOs)?

    A - They assist IDB in Programme implementation. They announce the Programme, distribute/receive the applications, assess eligibility, conduct interviews and submit the report to IDB for further review and final selection.

  7. Q - What are my entitlements?

    A - Monthly stipends, books & clothes allowance, tuition fees, medical coverage and air-tickets (for students placed abroad).

  8. Q - What IDB expects of me?

    A - To meet its objective to develop yourself as a Committed Muslim and Competent Professional (CMCP) and serve your community and country.

  9. Q - How can I meet the IDB’s expectations?

    A - Successfully complete your study, secure employment in your country, serve your community and country and repay your scholarship loan to a local Trust (Waqf) established by IDB to help other needy students.

  10. Q - How will IDB guide me to fulfill the expectations?

    A - You will be trained to play a leading role in developing your community and country through undertaking community service activities. The IDB organises extra-curricular events under its Guidance & Counseling Activities, which are an integral part of the Programme. You are required to participate in the learning and development activities organized throughout the year.

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