Science & Technology

The Islamic Development Bank announced a new policy in 1426H (2005), under which will consider approving at least 10 percent of a member country’s annual programme in the science and technology sector. The Bank supports scientific and technological development in member countries in three distinct areas:

  1. Assistance to build physical facilities and infrastructures;
  2. Forge collaboration and exchange of knowledge through activities such as short-term exchange of experts, on-the-job training, and conferences; and
  3. Financing research and development projects by designated centres of excellence.

Special Programmes for Science and Technology

There are a number of initiatives taken by IDB in partnership with COMSTECH and other centres of excellence in member countries to support the development of science and technology resources. Five of the major initiatives are presented below.

  1. Annual Workshop Scheme: An annual state-of-the-art workshop scheme with an amount of $200,000 per year for eight workshops, with $25,000 allocated to each.

  2. IDB Prizes for Science & Technology: As part of the Bank’s efforts to promote excellence in scientific research and education, three IDB Prizes for Science & Technology were established in 1423H (2002).

  3. Centres of Excellence Cooperation Scheme: The IDB facilitates cooperation between various centres of excellence across member countries by encouraging the formulation of joint projects between the centres and funding research on joint projects through grants.

  4. S&T Expatriate Nationals Scheme: The S&T Expatriate Nationals Scheme has been built on the UNDP-TOKEN reference model and is supported by the Bank with an allocation of $0.2 million.


S & T Scholarship Programmes

The IDB Scholarship Programmes aim to build science-based human capital in member as well as nonmember countries. There are three types of scholarship programmes:

Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries

Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology for Member Countries

The M.Sc. Programme for the Least Developed Member Countries


S & T Projects

The OIC Program on Achieving Self Reliance in Vaccine Production (SRVP) In The Islamic World