Science & Technology Programmes

IDB Science & Technology Prize Winners

Category-1: Institutions having achieved outstanding scientific or technological contribution to the development of a member country.

Category-2: Institutions having achieved outstanding contribution to a given scientific discipline

Category-3: Noted scientific research institutions in IDB least developed member countries LDMCs

Fifteenth Edition (1438H-2017G)

Fourteenth Edition (1437H-2016G)

Thirteenth Edition (1436H-2015G)

Twelfth Edition (1435H-2014G)

Twelfth Edition (1435H-2014G)

Eleventh Edition (1434H-2013G)

Tenth Edition (1433H-2012G)

Ninth Edition (1432H-2011G)

Eighth EDITION (1431H - 2010G)

Seventh EDITION (1430H - 2009G)

Sixth Edition - 1429/2008G

Fifth Edition – 1428H/2007G

Fourth Edition – 1427H/2006G

Third Edition – 1426H/2005G

Second Edition – 1425H/2004G

First Edition – 1423H/2002G