Project Cycle

Each project financed by IDB passes through a cycle that, with some variations, is common to all projects. The Bank's project cycle which is to a large extent similar to that in other development financing institutions, covers the life of a typical project from identification of needs and priorities until the final completion of work and evaluation of results and the Bank's role in each of them. The cycle is constituted by:

  1. Project Identification
  2. Preparation
  3. Appraisal/Negotiation
  4. Approval and Signing
  5. Implementation and Follow-up and
  6. Post-Evaluation After Completion


The Bank's role in the project cycle is performed largely by its Country Operations Departments with the involvement of the Legal Department, the Finance Department, the Operations Planning and Services Department, the Operations Evaluation Office and, in certain cases, the Regional Offices and the Field Representatives.