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Expression of Interest
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Agriculture & Food Security Division
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Livestock Markets And Infrastructures Development Project (PD-COBIE)

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon obtained financing from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) for the Livestock Markets and Infrastructures Development Project (PD-COBIE). Following General Contracts Procurement Notice (AGPM) pertaining this project published in the IsDB Website and in Cameroon Tribune on 25 March and 29 March 2019, the Government of Republic of  Cameroon proposes to use part of the amount to hire consultancy services for Design and Supervision of project civil works.

These include the carry out of a review for:

  • the Preliminary pre-projects (PPP),
  • the drafting of detailed Pre-Projects (DPP),
  • Corporate Consultation Files (CCF),
  • the support to procurements for work contracts,
  • and the follow-up of works for a period of 42 months.

The Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA) invites eligible Consultants to submit their candidacy to provide the services specified above. Interested consultants should provide information on their ability and experience showing they are qualified for the services (documentation, references for similar services, experience in comparable tasks, availability of adequate skills among their staff, etc.).

Experience in the following areas or tasks will be considered a minimum requirement for the job:

  • Design of livestock infrastructures and pastoral water point ;
  • Work supervisions.

Consultants may submit their candidacy as an association, validated by an agreement between the partners of the association, clearly indicating the type of the said association, i.e. a group of consultants, an intermediate form of association or intend to subcontract.

The selection will be in accordance with the procedures stipulated under the Guidelines for the Use of Consultants under Islamic Development Bank Financing (May 2009, revised in February 2012), available on the Bank Website, at

Interested candidates may obtain additional information at the following office opening hours: 08: 00 am to 4: 00 pm, local hours.

Requests for expression of interest should be sent to the address below on

[___03 September 2019____________] latest.

Mail Service, Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries, and Animal Industries, (MINEPIA) YAOUNDE-CAMEROON PoBox: MINEPIA-Yaoundé


In Care of M. OLOUGOU OKOUNOU Etienne Valère

Title and function of the contact person: National Coordinator of the Livestock Markets and Infrastructures Development Project (PD-COBIE).

Phone number: 694 49 69 369/ 679 09 42 07





The Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries

-Project Owner-