The Center of Excellence E-Gateway

The intuitive matchmaking platform. Designed for you.

The Perfect Match: The Center of Excellence E-Gateway utilizes it's 'matchmaking' technology to connect the right people, with the right service. 


  • Matching solution seekers looking for business support and effective development solutions, with solution providers who can share their expertise and showcase their development solutions.
  • Gaining market access to 57 IsDB member counties and expanding their global network. 
  • Matching investors wishing to offer meaningful funding with investees showcasing and promoting their projects. 
  • Matching donors with the IsDB to fund the development agenda in various initiatives. 


  • Join today and be connected to an exclusive community.
  • Access the opportunities you need to grow, build, support, collaborate, inspire, and change. 
  • Simply sign up and provide the necessary details to help us help you, help others.