Construction of Massakory-N'Gouri-Bol Road Project

Brief Summary
The project aims at enhancing accessibility of the Norther_Western agricultural Lake province to the other parts of the country as well as developing the trade exchange between Chad and Niger through upgrading the existing road (185 km) from anearth roadto a modern paved one.
These objectives will be achieved through up-grading the existing road Massakory-N’Gouri (85 km long) from an earth road to a modern paved one with a wearing course of 5 cm bituminous concrete. The project main components are: (1) Civil Works, (2) Consultancy Services, (3) Support to Project Management Unit (PMU), (4) Familiarization Visit and (5) Financial Audit.
Project cost
Project Status
Date de début
3 avril 2012
Date de fin
3 août 2020