Diagnostic Mission to Initiate a Reverse Linkage Project on Self-Sufficiency of Rice Production Between Brunei (Recipient) and Malaysia (Provider)

Brief Summary
In 1434H, Brunei, Malaysia and IDB initially engaged to explore potential areas of collaboration in agricultural technology. A critical need for the self_sufficiency in rice production was identified. Accordingly, it was decided to undertake the development of a Reverse Linkage project on rice production in Brunei with the aim of transferring the know_how and technology of Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI). To start the project of developing Reverse Linkage, a diagnostic mission will visit Brunei for 9 days, composed of 3 experts from MARDI to determine the baseline data on various aspects of rice production. IDB will finance the cost of the mission.
Project cost
Project Status
Date de début
12 août 2014
Date de fin
20 décembre 2014