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Brief Summary
The primary objective of the expansion project is to increase KSC's nominal production capacity from 1,550,000 tons/year to 2,400,000 tons/year. This capacity expansion is to be achieved through the revamping of five electric arc furnaces. The project includes: revamping of EAF 5 and 6, partial revamping of EAF 1 and 2 by Fuchs, Installment of two new and the revamping of three existing fume collection units, installment of two new and revamping of three existing Static VAR Central systems, installment of two new cooling tower plants and the revamping of existing one and installation of Demineral water treatment plant, expansion of the material handling system.
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Project cost
Project Status
Date de début
26 juillet 2016
Date de fin
31 août 2016