On February 13th, 2020, the Islamic Development Bank RHI team visited the headquarters of PT Sintra Power Elektrik Manufacturing in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia, one of the vendors of the transformers under the IsDB Financed Project with PT. PLN. The main objective of the visit was to carry out the implementation progress update and to discuss any issues facing the implementation of the project. This visit was part of the Project Implementation and Supervision Mission for the Power Grid Enhancement Project. The mission team also visited a completed installed of power Transformer 150/20 kV 60 MVA in Substation Gading Serpong in Sumarecon, Serpong.

The subject project is part of the Government of Indonesia’s masterplan to increase the electricity grid in order to meet the increasing demand for electricity through expanding the transmission capacity in 267 new transmission substations across Java-Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi to enable a stable and constant supply of power generation. The IsDB project is supporting the Government’s overall broader plan to achieve power sufficiency by efficiently transmitting the new 35,000 MW electrical power production capacity, as indicated by the PT. PLN’s long term business plan.