“As part of our outreach policy, we plan to extend our partnership with governments, private sector and civil society. We are focusing on impact rather than the size of financing. Our focus is to promote transparency and improve human capital,” said Dr. Bandar Hajjar, IsDB President. “We have made progress in decentralizing our operations, promote Science, Technology & Innovation through the establishment of STI Fund, and have strengthened our partnership with major global institutions in providing scholarships to students from our member countries.”  

In his remarks, the French Consul General, Mr. Mostafa Mihraje stated that the participation of IsDB in the two conferences will provide an opportunity for IsDB to engage with key economic actors in France thereby strengthening the existing partnership and promoting the visibility of IsDB in the country.

The French Consul General added that there are common areas of potential synergies in Africa, as well as developing partnerships in the reconstruction effort in countries like Yemen.