Sayed Aqa, Afghan national, is currently Vice President - Administration at Islamic Development Bank (IsDB).

An Engineer by education with a Master's degree in Business Administration, he has been engaged in humanitarian and development work at senior levels for the past three decades. He worked with a number of non-government organizations (NGOs) including The United Nations (UN) prior to joining IsDB. Aqa is also the founder of two NGOs in Afghanistan.

He joined the Bank as Vice President for Cooperation & Capacity Development in May 2015. In that role, he was responsible for managing the Departments of Cooperation & Integration; Capacity Development; Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD); Special Assistance; and Trust Funds.

Later, he served IsDB as VP – Cooperation and Country Programming before becoming VP – Administration. In this capacity, he was responsible for managing relationships with member countries. He passionately focused on expanding the partnerships beyond the traditional multilateral development banks to other regional and international development partners such as United Nations agencies, European Union, African Union, etc.

He emphasizes on aligning the bank operations with the needs of IsDB’s member countries and ensuring the application of these goals and operations are accomplished under the Islamic principles of inclusivity, sustainability and equality. He aims to integrate IsDB’s goals with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Among his major priorities as a VP – Administration is to develop human capacity at the institutional level. He aims to develop policies that do not only focus on hardware aspects of the development but also on the soft elements of human development at the Bank. His other priority is to strengthen the performance of result-oriented culture. 

He has many feathers in his cap. Among his major achievements throughout his career, his leading role in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) is worth mentioning. As a member of the Steering Committee of the ICBL, Sayed Aqa represented ICBL in the award ceremony of the 1997 Nobel Peace prize to ICBL.

He has worked with heads of the states and at ministerial level offices in many countries dealing with complex sustainable human development, conflict and post-conflict developmental challenges. His extensive travel in several countries equipped him with practical field, cultural and diplomatic skills. During his tenure at the UN, both at the Headquarters and in the field, Sayed Aqa had managed projects in 32 conflict and post-conflict countries in five continents.

Sayed Aqa has also served as Advisor to many international and inter-governmental organizations, including the European Union, Peace Research Institute of Oslo, and various UN Agencies in the field of humanitarian and development cooperation.

Vice President, Administration