Brief Summary
The Project will substantially increase the export of phosphate fertilizers and chemicals from KSA. The MWASP Project will produce phosphate fertilizers and ammonia in quantities similar to the existing MPC project. Moreover, it will introduce new phosphate based chemical products such as DCP/MCP and STPP and bring best practices through partnership with global leaders such as Mosaic.
At commissioning, the Project will employ about 1,900 staff members, of which 65% will be KSA nationals, increasing to about 85% by the fifth anniversary of operation. Ma’aden or the Project will also help to setup and operate for five years a specialized training center for KSA nationals located in the Northern Province.
The key expected benefits of the Project include
(i) increasing the diversification of export;
(ii) expansion of the industrial capacity of the Northern region as well as the Eastern region;
(iii) value adding to the mineral resources of Saudi Arabia and (iv) creating significant direct and indirect employment opportunities for Saudi citizens and develop their expertize.
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
14 June 2008
End date
17 October 2011