Reconstruction of Issyk Kul Ring Road - Section from Korumdu to Balbay Baatyr

Brief Summary
The project development objective is to improve the efficiency of the road transport infrastructure and ensure the safe movement of goods and people along the project road section. Specifically, it will help cope with current traffic and meet future demands for transportation, eliminate the current road efficiency constraints, which is caused by the poor design and condition of road. Eventually, average travel time as well as vehicle operating costs will decrease.

This objective will contribute to the overall impact of socio-economic development and a better quality of life for the people living in the areas of influence of the project in particular and the country in general. The road will enhance the access of people to markets and social amenities and upgrading of this road will support industrial facilities nearby and tourism, which is an essential economic activity in the region. As a side benefit, the project will annually create jobs for 1,000 people during construction and 80-100 during operation period.
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
15 February 2020
End date
4 July 2020