Global Reach & Global Impact

In consonance with the programmes’ mandate to help MCs and Muslim communities in non-MCs achieve sustainable development, IsDB has, since the inception of the programmes, awarded scholarships to over 18,493 students and scholars from 56 member countries and 66 Muslim communities, with a male to female ratio of 70:30.

Of the total awardees, 13,711 students have graduated from reputable universities in key areas of development. Indeed, it is encouraging and gratifying to note that the Scholarship Programmes are achieving their mission, as most graduates have gained employment in important positions, are advancing in their careers, and have made significant contributions to the development of their countries.

In terms of regional distribution, 48 per cent of the total scholarships went to Muslim communities in non-MCs in the Asia region, followed by MCs at 30 per cent and 17 per cent for Muslim communities in non-MCs in the Africa region, while 5 per cent went to Muslim communities in non-MCs in Europe, Oceania and North and South America.