IsDB-TWAS Programme


IsDB and TWAS launched ambitious programme to contribute to building critical mass among young scientists, researchers and refugee scientists in the fields of STI relevant to SDGs.


The joint programme is covering the following components:   

  1. Post-doctoral fellowships for 25 scientists from 21 LDMCs tenable at centers of excellences in developing countries to provide up to 6-month research training at high level in key areas relevant to sustainability sciences
  2. Grant for a joint research and technology transfer project on topics related to sustainability challenges relevant to SDGs in Member Countries (MCs). The Project will bring two research group from different MCs, which will be carefully selected to join forces on studies in areas related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The research question will likely focus on an issue relevant to both countries involved. Grant will be awarded on a competitive basis to the project, which produce a major and real impact
  3. Support for refugee scientists and other scientists at risk in member countries aiming at creating Slots for young refugee/displaced scientists in the TWAS Young Affiliates Programme
  4. High level workshops on Science-Policy-Diplomacy Nexus that would bring together scientists, policy makers and diplomats to focus on issues of high priority for the region and within the context of the SDGs