<p>Providing access to affordable energy is crucial for generating economic opportunities that will enhance the wellbeing of poor communities. However, in many countries, public financing is often not sufficient to meet the investment required to achieve energy prosperity.</p>

<p>To make affordable energy accessible, the IDB promotes a number of initiatives and approaches, including:</p>

<li>the Renewable Energy Poverty Reduction Program</li>
<li>innovative financing models</li>
<li>regional cooperation</li>
<li>increased private sector involvement</li>


<p>In 2016, the transport and energy sectors received the highest allocation of the Bank's infrastructure financing budget, gaining about 43% each. This was followed by urban development and services, with 14%.</p>

<p>In 2016, the Bank approved a total of 13 energy sector projects in 12 member countries for a cumulative amount of approximately ID1,123 million (US$1,506 million).</p>