Dr. Bandar Hajjar
President, Islamic Development Bank Group

It is with the grace of Allah, then the support of Member Countries (MCs), that the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has recorded, since its establishment, major successes in every sector of development, starting with education then agriculture, energy and infrastructure. IsDB has actively contributed to the transfer of knowledge in science and technology and has continuously and effectively participated in providing development assistance in the communities of member countries and the Muslim minority communities in non-member countries. Today, we are endeavoring to establish new frontiers of development and paving the way to connect our member countries through global value chains. 

In this regard, it is very important to capture and showcase the impact of IsDB Group contributions qualitatively. These contributions have made a significant impact, touching the lives and livelihoods of people and their communities. 

However, many inspiring journeys of transformation have not yet been documented; these can best be illustrated through a set of success stories.

That is why in late 2019, I established a Task Force on Success Stories to encourage our staff to write about our development efforts and showcase how IsDB Group has brought hope to the hopeless and tears of joy at the grassroots level. 

I am delighted with the response received from our current and former colleagues at IsDB, who volunteered to participate in the success story competition. My sincere appreciation goes to the Executive Business Oversight and Delivery Monitoring Division for supervising this project from inception to completion. I am equally grateful to the Knowledge Management & Institutional Learning Division for managing and coordinating this project with such a magnificent outcome, and to each member of the Special Task Force who worked diligently to review the stories and get them published in its current form. This work is a model through which we see our glorious history, not just a booklet about stories. I encourage every member of the IsDB Group family to share these stories with as many people as possible.

I look forward to more publications like this to further support our contribution towards building a sustainable future for the millions of citizens in our member countries that are looking for solutions to the challenges they face in their daily lives.

I invite our dear readers to share the pleasure of reading success stories extracted from our real work all over the Muslim world.

From Allah we seek success.

Dr. Bandar Hajjar

President, Islamic Development Bank Group