Republic of Tajikistan: Request for Expressions of Interest (Individual Consultants) for Consulting services for preparation of the Joint IsDB/GPE Project for Development of Education Sector

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Preparation of the Joint IsDB/GPE Project for Development of Education Sector of the Republic of Tajikistan

Request for Expressions of Interest (Individual Consultants)

Consulting services for preparation of the Joint IsDB/GPE Project for Development of Education Sector of the Republic of Tajikistan (No. TJK1025)

The Government of Tajikistan developed the National Strategy for Education Development (NSED) in 2012 for the period 2012-2020 to guide its efforts in addressing challenges and modernization of the education sector. The NSED aims at ensuring access to quality education, structural reforms in the education system, modernization of educational content, increasing school attendance rates and addressing inequalities. The NSED has been translated to the Medium-Term Education Implementation Plans (MTEIP) including operational plans for realization of the NSED objectives. The MTEIP 2018-2020 provides a framework for completion of the NSED’s implementation.

On 23rd November 2018, the Local Education Group (LEG) endorsed the decision of the selection of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) as the Grant Agent for the GPE’s Multiplier Fund to support the implementation of the National Education Sector Plan and MTEIP (2018-20). The total cost of the Joint GPE/IsDB project/program will be about US$ 43 million including GPE Grant of US$ 10 million, Government contribution of US$ 3 million and IsDB’s allocation of US$ 30 million.

The proposed project for supporting implementation of the MTEIP will include the following components: (i) “Enhancing Access to quality education” through rehabilitation/construction schools, provision of school furniture/equipment as well as school development grants; (ii) “Improving learning” through development/provision of teaching and learning material (textbook development and printing, supplementary reading material, teacher guides, etc.), teacher  professional development, including consolidation of in-service training, pre-service training and school-based mentoring and capacity development of Master Trainers and learning assessment; (iii) “System Strengthening” through upgrading of Education Management Information System (EMIS) including hard and software, training of Ministry EMIS staff, enhancing school census and mapping, inclusion of student biodata and assessment scores, enhancing data analysis and reporting, periodic data publications and enhancing capacity of MoES in monitoring, financial management and procurement systems; and, (iv) support to project management.

Individual short-term consultants will be recruited in the following areas to support the project team in conducting the project preparatory studies and the preparation of the Project Documents:

  1. Education Assessment Mechanism – Preliminary TOR of the consultant is attached as Annex-I;
  2. Upgrading of the Education Management Information System (EMIS) – Preliminary TOR of the consultant is attached as Annex-II;
  3. Curriculum Rollout and Learning/Teaching Material Development - Preliminary TOR of the Consultant is attached as Annex-III;
  4. Program/Project Development– Preliminary TOR of the consultant is attached as Annex-IV;
  5. Education Sector Review;

A shortlist of three consultants for each assignment will be selected from the list of consultants who express interest in the assignments. Separate individual consultants will be recruited for each assignment. The interested individual consultants may apply for handling one or more assignments. The shortlisted consultants will be invited to submit proposals, and the selection will be done in accordance with the procedures set out in the Guidelines for the Use of Consultants under Islamic Development Bank Financing (current edition). Preliminary Terms of References (TORs) are attached for information.

Interested consultants should send their expression of interest to the email addresses below during office hours by 27th May 2019 (Almaty time):

E-mail(s) : with a Cc to