Construction of a Waqf Medical Commercial Complex in Tripoli

Beneficiary :

Islamic Medical Association (IMA)

Total funding :

$7.98 million

The objective of the project is to generate a regular income for Islamic Medical Association (IMA), which will serve to finance its charitable activities in the health sector as well as its future expansion in Tripoli, Lebanon. These objectives will be achieved through the construction of a Commercial Complex, consisting of retail units and independent medical functional areas that will be rented out in order to generate a regular income for IMA to support its medical charitable activities.

The project is located on a land having a total area of 5,434 m². The project will be built on a part of the land area of 1,950 m2 as the rest of the land is occupied by the existing building of Dar El-Chifaa Hospital (owned by IMA). The site has all necessary amenities, efficient public transport and utilities. 

The IMA was established in 1982 as a non-governmental organization specialized, as per its bylaws, in providing health services in Lebanon. It is managing a vast network of medical centers mainly in the North of Lebanon including Dar el-Shifa Hospital, 11 dispensaries, 4 emergency centers and 2 movable clinics. It is also providing emergency medical assistance for the Syrian refugees.

The total cost of the project is estimated at US$ 7.98 million. IsDB will finance part of the cost of the project for an amount of US$ 5.50 million (APIF: US$ 2.75 million and APIF Line: US$ 2.75 million). The remaining amount of US$ 2.48 million (including US$ 1.37 million value of land) will be contributed by the Beneficiary.