Purchase of a Hotel in Abha to be used as Waqf for Al Bir Charitable Society in Dogah, Saudi Arabia

Beneficiary :

Al Bir Society

Total funding :

US$ 6.40 million

Status :

On Disbursement

The objective of this project aims to generate regular income to support the charitable and relief activities of Al Bir Charitable Society in Dogah, Saudi Arabia.

The project entails the purchase of a nine-story hotel building with two basements, eighty-two hotel rooms, and facilities then equipped to be a 4-star hotel. It covers a total land area of 1,510m2 and a total building area around 10,023m2. The 4-star hotel will be located in Abha, the capital of Asir Region, located on the road to Khamis Mushayt city and close to the airport and the university city.

The total cost of the project is US$ 9.10 million, and IsDB will contribute with US$ 6.40 million, US$ 3.20 million from APIF and US$ 3.20 million from APIF Line through Project Murabaha's mode of financing.

Income generated from the 4-star hotel rentals will be used to support Al Bir Society in Dogah, which is the beneficiary and executing agency of the project. This nonprofit Society aims to provide charitable and social support for destitute families in Dogah and surrounding Dogah. The programs of the Society offer family sponsorships, orphan sponsorships, healthcare provision, water and food provision, house rebuilding, and emergency relief.