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Project Procurement plays a key role in the planning and implementation of Bank financed projects. Proper understanding of the procurement guidelines, bidding documents and templates is vital for all internal and external stakeholders involved in project delivery.  

Consequently, the Learning Resources available here have been developed with the objective to equip the Bank’s staff as well as staff of the Beneficiaries with the necessary knowledge and skills.  These resources have been made available in the public domain for the greater benefit of the staff of Executing Agencies, Project Management Units, and other stakeholders in the Member Countries.  

The Project Procurement Learning Resources cover introduction of the New Procurement Framework, Development of Procurement Strategy and Plan, and key aspects of the Project Procurement Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works and Consultancy Services as well as Contracts Management. 

The Learning Resources form a part of the capacity building mandate of the Project Procurement Division of IsDB and aim to:  

  • Train and familiarize Beneficiaries and other concerned stakeholders, on the project procurement policies and procedures for projects financed by the Bank. 

  • Disseminate procurement best practices, including lessons learned from real life Case Studies. 

  • Explain the tools and guidance notes needed to support project teams in project procurement-related activities during the project cycle. 

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IsDB New Project Procurement Framework

Course Introduction

This course introduces the new IsDB Procurement Guidelines that came into effect from 1st April 2019, as well as the associated documents, such as the Standard Procurement Documents and Guidance Notes. 

Module 1 - Overview and Key Changes

This module provides an overview of the New Procurement Framework (NPF), and details some of the key changes in the procurement guidelines related to hiring consultants and procuring goods and works. 

Module 2 - Procurement Strategy & Procurement Plan

This module provides high-level insight into the relevance of the Procurement Strategy and Procurement Plan in the overall procurement approach and process. 

Module 3 - Selection Procedures

This module provides high-level insight into the procedures and best practices for the selection of consultants, contractors, and suppliers of goods. 

Module 4 - New Procurement Reference Documents

This module explores the different types and key features of the new Standard Procurement Documents and the set of Guidance Notes. 


Final Assessments - You must score 70% to pass the same. 

Procurement Strategy & Procurement Plan

Course Introduction

Explore the primary details about the Procurement Strategy and Procurement Plan course.

Module 1 - Introduction

This Module provides an overview of the Procurement Strategy Development process and the guidelines to prepare the Procurement Strategy for projects financed by IsDB.

Module 2 - Project Overview & Beneficiary and Stakeholder Analysis

This Module explains the various components of the Project Overview section of the Procurement Strategy Document and describes the various issues which stakeholders face; and the analysis, management, and reporting of those issues.

Module 3 - Procurement Risk and Objectives

This Module explores risk analysis and management and the importance of defining Procurement Objectives in procurement.

Module 4 - Market Research

This module describes the objective and importance of market research and analysis, details some market analysis tools, and explores supply chain strategies and supplier analysis.

Module 5 - Procurement Options and Recommendations

This Module describes the steps involved in generating, analyzing, and designing procurement options; and determining and selecting the preferred procurement strategy.

Module 6 - Case Studies

This Module explores four different real-world case studies from four different sectors: rural development sector, energy sector, health sector, and water supply and sanitation sector. Each case study includes multiple scenarios highlighting the application of different concepts...


Final Assessments - You must score 70% to pass the same.