Guidelines for the Procurement of Consultant Services under IsDB Project Financing

Guidance Notes

Advanced Contracting

ALB Guidance Document

Alternative Procurement Arrangements

Association of Firms and Consultants

Complaints Management

Conflict of Interest


Eligibility Requirement

Gender Consideration Social and Sustainable Public Procurement


New Procurement Approaches

Non Compliance

Prior and Post Review

Procurement in Fragile Conflict-Affected States and Emergency Situations

Procurement Planning and Strategy

Public Private Partnerships

Selection of Consultants

Registration of Consultant

Application Form for Registration of Individual Consultants

Training Material

NPF Training - Key Changes Consultants - Goods and Works

NPF Training - Procurement Strategy - Procurement Plan

NPF Training - Rationale & Key Changes

NPF Training - Selection of Consultants

NPF Training - Selection of Contractors for Works

NPF Training - Selection of Suppliers for Goods

NPF Training - Standard Procurement Documents

NPF Training - The Set of Guidance Notes

Standard Bidding Documents

New Standard Bidding Documents (after 1 April 2019)

Old Standard Bidding Documents (before 1 April 2019)