General Procurement Notice (GPN) for SLCDD Phase-II

Notice Type
International Competitive Bidding [Open]
Issue Date
Last date of submission
Tender Type
General Procurement Notice
Executing Department
Integrated Rural Development Division
Project code
Project title
Sierra Leone Community Driven Development Phase II

GENERAL PROCUREMENT NOTICE (GPN) Name of Country: Sierra Leone Name of Project: GIETRENK: Sierra Leone Community Driven Development Phase II Project Code : SL-0084-85 The Government of Sierra Leone has received USD 46.68 million under the Istisna’a and Loan (ISFD) modes of financing from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to finance the GIETRENK: Sierra Leone Community Driven Development Phase II and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. This project will be jointly financed by the Government of Sierra Leone and the Islamic Development Bank. The project will be executed by the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA). The aim of the Project is to reduce poverty and attain sustainable improvement in the wellbeing of the population in Sierra Leone. The development objective of the project is to build the livelihoods of rural poor by providing them access to socio-economic opportunities and capacity building. The project builds on and scale-up the Sierra Leone Community Driven Development (SLCDD) Phase I, which was funded by IDB and implemented by National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA). GIETRENK is designed around establishment of seven Rural Growth Poles (RGPs) in seven chiefdoms namely: Lower Bambara (Kenema district), Dibia and BKM (Port Loko district), Kholifa Mabang and Kunike Sanda (Tonkolili district), and Bagruwa and Ribbi (Moyamba district). The key reason for employing the RGPs approach is based on both the lessons learnt from Phase-1, which highlighted too little impact on incomes investment due to geographical dilution of activities and the request of the government to promote employment focused interventions and renewable energy infrastructure in the rural areas. Each RGP will therefore seek to address gaps and constraints in the following key areas: (i) infrastructure and physical assets, (ii) finance, (iii) governance, and (iv) human capital. The project is comprised of five key components: Component A: Infrastructure Development in Rural Growth Poles (RGPs) using Community Driven Development (CDD) approach; Component B: Support for Livelihood and Micro and Small Enterprises (MSME) Development; Component C: Institutional Capacity Building and Community Development Planning; Component D: Monitoring, Knowledge Management, and Advocacy and Component E: Support for Project Implementation and Management Procurement of goods and works will be done in accordance with the Guidelines for Procurement of Goods and Works under the Islamic Development Bank Financing (May 2009, amended February 2012). The acquisition of services of consultants will follow the Guidelines for the use of Consultants under the Islamic Development Bank Financing (May 2009, amended February 2012). Procurement of Goods: The scope of the goods to be procured includes but not limited to the following: • Solar panels/ solar street lights etc. • Agricultural machineries, tools and various agro-processing equipment for mini industrial hubs including those for rice/ vegetables/ cassava/ sweet potato/ livestock/ palm oil/ groundnut/ cocoa and fisheries. • Interlocking brick machines. • Health centers, veterinary center, and school equipment • Motor Vehicles; Ambulances • Motor Bikes; • Office Furniture & Fittings; • Computers and peripherals Procurement of Works: Procurement of Works will range from Construction of Multi Utility Renewable Energy Platforms (MREP) Grids comprising of solar or hybrid mini grids and network covering several villages (1.5-2MW) and single point kiosks (3-5KW), Rehabilitation and development of feeder roads network and Bridges, Schools, Markets and industrial hub units, Health Centers and Clinics, Town Hall, Portable water supply network, wells and boreholes, water harvesting infrastructure, Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Latrines and family toilets, Inland Valley Swamp Irrigation & boli land development, green houses, industrial hubs, etc Selection of Consultant: The scope of the consultancy services for the implementation of the project includes: Rural Growth Pole Planning, Design and Supervision, Value Chain identification, development, business group formation and incubation consultant, MIS System Development, M&E and Thematic Social / evaluation Studies, Financial Management System development and Audit of CDD projects, Training and Capacity building in SAG Formulation, Formation and Strengthening of microenterprise groups, Islamic Microfinance Products, Systems Development and Capacity building, Women Empowerment and Literacy, Local Governance Institutes capacity building in decentralized planning and implementation etc. Specific procurement notices for contracts to be bid under the Islamic Development Bank’s international competitive bidding (ICB) or international competitive bidding – member countries (ICB/MC) procedures and for contracts for consultancy services will be announced, as they become available, on IsDB Website, UN Business Development website, DEVEX, NaCSA website (, NPPA website ( international newspapers, and in local newspapers. Interested bidders may obtain further information and should express their interest for the specific packages in writing, by contacting the undersigned below. The bidders who shall express their interest will be directly informed once a specific package of their interest is ready for procurement. Attention: Mr. Kevin K.S. Dixon, Senior Director, Support Services Division National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), NaCSA House, 5th Floor 14-16 Charlotte Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Mobile No: +232-76-632823 E-Mail:, P.S. This notice can also be found on the UN Development Business Website: under the Reference Number: ……………,,