General Procurement Notice - Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project in Batken and Talas regions

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General Procurement Notice
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Water, Sanitation & Urban
Project title
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project in Batken and Talas regions


Kyrgyz Republic

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project in Batken and Talas regions

Sector: Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation

Mode of Financing: ISFD Loan

Financing No. KGZ-1020

Mode of Financing: SFD Loan

Financing No. 6/750

The Government of Kyrgyz Republic has received financing in the amount of US$ 50,000,000 million equivalent from the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development of the Islamic Development Bank (ISFD) – US$ 20,000,000 and Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) – US$ 30,000,000 toward the cost of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project in Batken and Talas regions, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. Joint financing Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in its capacity as the administrator of the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) and SFD financing covers selected villages in Batken and Talas regions of Kyrgyz Republic under parallel financing arrangement.  

The project will include 5 components with following procurement arrangements:

  1. Component 1: Civil Works: Improvement of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation:
  1. Rehabilitation and construction of water supply systems (One ICB limited to Member Countries and multiple NCB contracts);
  2. Rehabilitation of small scale sanitation facilities in social institutions (Multiple NCB and Shopping contracts).
  1. Component 2: Supply of Machinery and Equipment:
  1. Supply of operation and maintenance equipment to local utility operators; (Multiple Shopping contracts).
  2. Supply of O&M machinery for local municipality (ICB-Open contract)
  3. Supply of Laboratory and IT equipment for the Sanitary Epidemiology Surveillance services/centres (Multiple Shopping contracts)
  4. Supply of IT equipment for establishing billing system and improvement of water service delivery (Multiple Shopping contracts)
  1. Component 3: Capacity Building on Sanitation & Institutional Development
  1. Sanitation Development and Awareness Raising (individual consultants local)
  2. Institutional Development and Billing System (individual consultants local)
  3. Baseline Survey & Impact Assessment (Least Cost Selection - LCS among local firms)
  1. Component 4: Consultancy Services: Detailed Design and Supervision:
  1. Preparation of detailed engineering design for water supply schemes as well as sanitation facilities (Quality and Cost Based Selection - QCBS among local firms under Government of Kyrgyz Republic financing);
  2. Contract management and technical supervision (QCBS among international firms under SFD financing);
  1. Component 5: Project Management:
  1. PMU office equipment and vehicles (multiple shopping contracts)
  2. External financial auditor (LCS among local firms)

Procurement of contracts financed by the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the Guidelines of Saudi Fund for Development for procurement of goods, works and service.

Procurement of contracts financed by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works and related services under IsDB Project Financing (April 2019), and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Guidelines. Consulting services will be selected in accordance with the Guidelines for the Procurement of Consultant Services under IsDB Project Financing (April 2019).

Specific procurement notices for contracts to be bid under the Islamic Development Bank’s international competitive bidding (ICB) or ICB limited to Member Countries, NCB, QCBS, and LCS procedures and for contracts for consultancy services will be announced, as they become available, in IsDB Website, UNDB, DgMarket,, and local newspapers.

Interested eligible bidders who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive invitations to prequalify/bid under ICB or ICB/MC, NCB, QCBS and LCS procedures, and interested consultants who wish to receive a copy of advertisement requesting expressions of interest for consultancy contracts, or those requiring additional information, should contact the address below.

Community Development and Investment Agency of Kyrgyz Republic (ARIS)

Attn: Bekjan Supanaliev, ARIS Executive Director

102 Bokonbaeva  street,

720001, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Tel:  +996 312 62-07-52; 30-18-05

Fax:  +996 312 62-47-48


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