Recruitment of an International Consultant for the Establishment of an Islamic Microfinance Line Within the Framework of the Activities of Pd-Cobie In Cameroon

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CMR 1003
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Livestock Markets And Infrastructures Development Project (PD-COBIE)

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon has received partial financing from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to cover the cost of the Livestock Markets and Infrastructures Development Project (PD-COBIE). Following the General Procurement Notice (AGPM) relating to this project published on the IDB website and in the Cameroon Tribune, dated March 25 and March 29, 2019, the Government intends to use part of the sums granted for the services of an International Consultant for the establishment of an Islamic microfinance line within the framework of PD-COBIE's activities in Cameroon. The consultant's services will consist of, on the one hand, assisting PD-COBIE in facilitating the implementation of the Islamic financing line by Credit Du Sahel. Thus, providing PD-COBIE with appropriate technical assistance to prepare upstream the elaboration and implementation of financing activities for the benefit of the target populations by the selected service provider, Credit Du Sahel.


These services consist of:


I- For the setting up of the Islamic financing line, it will be for the design office or the firm of:


Ø   Finalize the draft contract with the Credit Du Sahel on the basis of the draft contract prepared by PD-COBIE ;

Ø   Elaborate the contract between Credit Du Sahel and MINEPAT;

Ø   Facilitate the validation workshop of the manual of procedures for the implementation of the financing line elaborated by Credit Du Sahel;

Ø   Facilitate three (03) sensitization workshops with stakeholders in the cities of Ngaoundéré, Garoua and Maroua.


II- For the implementation of the Livestock insurance, it will be for the design office or the firm of:


Ø   Identify all existing micro-insurance interventions that are involved in supporting the risk reduction of livestock insurance in vulnerable communities and in accordance with Sharia principles ;

Ø   Develop a Takaful product for Credit du Sahel that eliminates the value of the client's debt (meat value chain actor)

and pays a fixed sum for the construction of the purchase process. New financing can also be made available as soon as each client is ready ;

Ø   Proposmicro-insurance/Takaful policies/procedures  that use  a  parameterizeprocesto  makpayments  to insurers/clients in accordance with Sharia principles. These procedures allow payments to be claimed from the

insurer in a timely and transparent manner;


Ø   Identify lessons and recommendations that will inform the development of long-term initiatives to optimize the risk management and disaster risk management capacity of vulnerable communities;

Ø   Identify opportunities for partnership with other agencies to provide support to a livestock micro-insurance initiative

in collaboration with other Cameroonian agencies.


Detailed terms of reference for the assignment can be obtained from the address below.


The Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, the Contracting Authority, invites eligible Consultants to apply to provide the services defined above. Interested consultants should provide information on their capacity and experience demonstrating that they are qualified to provide the services (references of similar services, experience in comparable assignments, and availability of adequate skills among their staff).


Experience in the following areas or tasks will be considered as a minimum requirement for the assignment:

a) General experience of the Consultant;

b) Consultant's references in the implementation of Islamic microfinance;

c) Consultant's references in the implementation of Takaful micro-insurance;

d) Experience and general qualifications of the staff:



e) Similar experience in strategy and action plan development including Islamic microfinance product and process

design; training needs assessment; formulation of the deployment plan for Islamic microfinance products; capacity building and development of the training plan and modules, value chain financing and marketing of Islamic microfinance products.


Consultants may apply in the form of an association, validated by an agreement between the partners of the association, clearly indicating the type of association, i.e. a consortium of consultants, an intermediate form of association or an intention to subcontract.


Selection will be made in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the Guidelines for the Use of Consultants in Islamic

Development Bank-financed Projects (April 2019 edition), available on the Bank's website at


Interested consultants can obtain additional information at the address below during the following office hours: 08:00 to

16:00 local time.


Written Expressions of Interest must be submitted to the address mentioned below in 05 (five) copies, one original and four copies of which must be submitted no later than 15 (fifteen) days from the publication of the said Notice of Expression of Interest. With the following mention:



N° 0005 /ASMI/MINEPIA/SG/PD-COBIE/UGCP/2020 DU 28 /09/2020




At the Project for the Livestock Markets and Infrastructures Development Project, Project Management and

Coordination Unit located in Bastos-Yaoundé, street 1761 "behind the World Bank offices".

Tel: (237) 694 49 69 36 / 678 09 75 13, E-mail:


For the attention of: Mr. OLOUGOU OKOUNOU Etienne Valère

Title and function of the contact person: National Coordinator of the PD-COBIE

Phone: 694 49 69 36 / 678 09 75 13