Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project

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Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project

Republic of The Gambia                      

Ministry of Agriculture

 Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project

Central Projects Coordinating Unit

Old Cooperative Building

14 Marina Parade, Banjul

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 COUNTRY:  The Gambia


NAME OF PROJECT: Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project (RRVCDP)


 SECTOR: Ministry of Agriculture




 Financing No:  GMB 1019


The Gambia Government has received financing in the amount of US$ 29.8 million  equivalent from the Islamic Development Bank  toward the cost of the Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project (RRVCDP), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds for payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. This project will be jointly financed by the ISDB and BADEA.


The project include the following components:


Component 1: Raising Rice Production and Productivity: This component will focus on land improvement that could enhance rice production and productivity. This includes land development and rehabilitation of production infrastructure and irrigation systems Necessary machinery and equipment will be provided, that is tractors and power tillers. The component will also support the production of improved seed varieties, to ensure that farmers received quality seeds. The project will set up a small seed testing laboratory and samples of all seed supplies to the farmers by both the private and public sectors will be subjected to routine seed quality tests. The project will provided fertilizers to conduct demonstrations that create mass awareness on the benefits of fertilizer use. 





Component 2: Strengthening the links to market:

This component will focus on provision of infrastructures that could link farmers to market (road) storage and processing facilities development. The component will also support private-sector led arrangements such as contract farming arrangement that could help smallholder farmers. The project will invest in developing the capacity of farmer organizations and it will upgrade them, when appropriate to a functional farmers associations and cooperatives that enable farmers to reach economy of scale and provide services to agricultural processes.


Component 3: Policy and Institutional Supports: This component will support Producer Public Private Partnerships (4P continuum). The goal is to create national level institutional capacity that can orchestrate, inspire and manage the many stakeholders from both the public and private sectors that are engaged in the rice value chain. It will also provide financial resources to bring to the country successful models from member countries through south – south cooperation. Micro Finance aimed to enhance farmers’ income by providing opportunities for enhancing their production in order to realize the full Agricultural potential as well as developing the Islamic Finance sector in the country through the following: 1. Line of Finance II. Capacity building in Islamic Finance. 


Component 4: Project Management and Coordination: This component will provide resources for management and Coordination at both national and regional. It will be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture supported by a range of technical partners at the national and regional levels. The existing Central Projects Coordination Unit (CPCU) will coordinate the project implementation process and will be equipped with dedicated Project Implementation Unit to serve main functions and responsibilities of this project.


Procurement of contracts financed by the Islamic Development Bank will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works and related services under Islamic Development Bank Project Financing (current edition), and is open to all eligible bidders  as defined in the guidelines. Consulting services will be selected in accordance with the Guidelines for the Procurement of Consultant Services under Islamic Development Bank Project Financing (current edition).[1]


Specific procurement notices for contracts to be bid under the Islamic Development Bank’s international competitive bidding (ICB) or international competitive bidding – member countries (ICB/MC) procedures and for contracts for consultancy services will be announced, as they become available, in IsDB Website and in local newspapers which include Foroyaa Newspaper and Point Newspaper


Prequalification of suppliers and contractors will not be required in any of contracts


Procurement of Goods:


Production and Productivity Enhancement Machinery:  (10) Tractors and Accessories, (42) Power Tillers and Accessories;

Project Management and Coordination Support:

PMU Furniture and Office Facilities. Procurement and supply of Vehicles

Processing facilities: seeders welders, harvesters and threshers



Procurement of Works:

Production and Productivity Enhancement:




TIDAL IRRIGATION (land rehabilitation): 400 hectares at Lower Fulladou West (Pacharr); TIDAL IRRIGATION (land development): 40 hectare Niani Wassu; 100 hectare Naini Tubakoto; 40 hectare NIANI Sukuta


PUMP IRRIGATION (land development): 200 hectare Wuli (Limbanbulu Yammadu; 200 hectares Wuli East (Sutukoba); 150 hectares Tumana Kundam Mafatty); 300 hectares Tumana (Kulari); 350 hectares Jimara (Kosemar Tenda),   200 hectares Sandu (Nyankui); 190 hectares Sandu (Diabugu); 300 hectares SAMI Karantaba Tukulorr; 225 hectares SAMI Karantaba Dutokoto and Tabokoto; 70 hectares SAMI Lamenkoto; 500 hectares Niani Kayyai.


Agric-Business and Markets: Post Harvest Structures and Market:

20 Drying Floors; 9 District Stores; 4 Rice processing mills

Market access roads

100 km access roads to market


Project Implementation and Coordination Support:

Buildings Re-habilitation (office and accommodation) 


Procurement of Services (Consultancy):

Agri-business and Market Development to Strengthening Linkage to market:

Cooperative strengthening in 12 villages, MIS - Assessment and Development

Fostering enabling policy and institutional environment: Line of Finance: Capacity Building in Islamic Finance.

Project Management and Coordination Support: Financial audit.

Detail designed, supervision of tidal and pump irrigation schemes and access road in the Upper River, Central River Regions North and South.

Interested eligible firms and individuals who would wish to be considered for the provision of goods, works and consulting services for the above mentioned project, or those requiring additional information, should contact the Beneficiary Government at the address below:

Central Projects Coordinating Unit

14 Marena Parade

Ministry of Agriculture

Ansumana K JARJU


Regional Rice Value Chain Development Project

 Republic of The Gambia

Tel: +220 9935282 / 7394211 /5229504