ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Short Term Consultant(s) (Agriculture Specialist & Gender Specialist)

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Short Term Consultant(s) (Agriculture Specialist & Gender Specialist) 


The objectives of the Development of Integrated Farming Systems in Upland Areas Project aims to (i) increase poor rural people’s productive capacities; (ii) increase poor rural people's benefits from market participation; and (iii) increase Government capacity for modernizing agriculture. In line with the development objectives, the Scope of Work/ Terms of Reference (TOR) for this consultancy is expected to include, but not be limited to, the following tasks:


  1. Support – The Ministry of Agriculture Project Management Unit and or Project Implementation Units in developing and implementing the Project Implementation Plan/Manual. Which includes but is not limited to Procurement Planning and implementation planning as well as design planning and developing the targeting and gender and social inclusion activities, and support.


  1. Develop – In coordination with MoA, IsDB and IFAD develop a comprehensive detailed project management and M&E work plan and methodology of the Procurement (Infrastructure, Consultancy & Equipment), Design, Gender Strategy and Action Plan (GAP), Implementation Capacity Development, Training, Financial Services and Institutional Development Capacity Development.


  1. Build Capacity – Upon completion and acceptance of the detailed project cycle management work plan, GAP Plan, etc. conduct Five (5) One (1) day workshops. The purpose of the workshop is to improve: (i) improve the Capacity of stakeholders for sustained use of the Project Cycle Management. (ii) Prepare and improve capacity for gender and social inclusion issues. (iii) Project Management and Monitoring and evaluation of the Uplands Project by enhancing participants’ familiarity with and understanding of the Project Cycle Management (PCM).


  1. The Islamic Development Bank, Regional Hub Indonesia now invites proposals from suitably qualified specialist(s) as follows:

     a) Agriculture Sector Project Manager

     b) Gender Specialist


  1. The assignment may be undertaken by a team of individual consultants coming together as a group or a consultancy firm. However, the total remuneration shall be taken as the envelope of the financial package offered for the assignment. The fixed budget for this project is not to exceed the following:
  • USD 10,500 Remuneration for Agriculture Project Manager and Targeting Gender Specialist
  • USD 4,500 Reimbursable Expenses (Travel, Hotel, Workshops, Printing, Other Expenses)


  1. The lead consultant will be fully and solely responsible for selecting the necessary Expertise outlined herein in the TOR, subcontracting, managing payments, resolving disputes and the overall management of his/her project team members. IsDB contract and agreement will be with the lead consultant only. More details on the services are provided in the Terms of Reference.


  1. A Consultant(s) will be selected under the Fixed Budget Selection (FBS) where the cost cannot exceed a fixed amount. The detailed RFP / Terms of Reference shall state the fixed amount. Consultants will be requested to provide their best technical and financial Proposals in English in separate envelopes, with cost figures that shall not exceed the budgetary limit. To be in accordance with the policies of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Corporate Procurement Guidelines.


  1. The detailed Terms of Reference and Complete TOR can be obtained by sending an email request to: The subject proposals shall be prepared and emailed back to IsDB before the deadline of 18 September 2020 at 17:00 (Jakarta) to: