Request for a Short-Term Assignment for Professional Writer for Program Completion Report “Orphans Kafala Program (Okp) In Aceh Indonesia”

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International Competitive Bidding
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Last date of submission
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Project title
Orphans Kafala Program (Okp)



Description : Program Completion Report (PCR).
Location    : Indonesia.
Duration    : 44 working days.
Starting Date : as per the signed contract.
Mission Days : as the IsDB approves the assignment


  1. The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group ( is an international financial institution with 57 member countries. It was founded in 1975 to foster the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities individually as well as jointly, following the principles of Shari'ah, i.e., Islamic Law. The IsDB Group activities in Indonesia are aligned under the Member Country Partnership Strategy (MCPS) 2016-2020. The MCPS is a strategy document that guides the operation of the IsDB Group in its member countries over the medium term (3-5 years).

  2. In December 2014, IsDB Group established its Country Gateway Office (CGO) in Indonesia (, wherein 2017, the CGO, reformed to Regional Hub Indonesia (RHI). The RHI facilitates and galvanizes the cooperation of IsDB Group with all the stakeholders in Indonesia, including the Government, private sector, academia, civil society, and development partners, and serves as a single access point for all the products and services offered by the IsDB Group.

  3. In the aftermath of the Tsunami, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) worked together to launch a campaign to pool resources from donors for safeguarding child victims of the Tsunami. As a result, the OIC-IsDB Kafala Orphan Program was initiated in 2006.

  4. The main objective of the program is to support orphans in Aceh by providing financial aid to them. Since 2006, more than approximately 13,000 orphans have gained benefits from the program. The Program is being implemented by three locally contracted Program Implementation Agencies (PIAs), namely, Baitul Mal Muamalat (BMM), Pertumbuhan Keadilan Peduli Umat (PKPU); and Rumah Zakat Indonesia.

  5. An OIC Alliance Field Office (“APSO”) was established in May 2006 in Banda Aceh for overall coordination and implementation of the "Tsunami Orphan Kafala Program." In particular, to provide necessary care for the orphans (access to education, health, care, and shelters) until they can become productive and useful to their society while preserving their cultural identity and Islamic values. The program is governed by a Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and supervised by APSO.

  6. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, via a letter dated 9 January 2017, requested the OIC to end the program of APSO in Banda Aceh by March 2017. It is worth to note that after November 2016, GoI was legally no longer be a member of the Executive Committee.

  7. Parties (OIC, IsDB, and GoI) agreed that IsDB, through its Regional Hub Indonesia office (RHI) in Jakarta, took over the role of APSO and acting as the program manager for the OKP.

  8. Considering the program's completion is expected to end in December 2021; hence we are in the process of developing the program completion report (PCR). This program completion report (PCR) is essential to capture the success story of implementing the Orphan Kafala Program (OKP) from 2006 to 2021 for the donor, IsDB, and public.

  9. In this context, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) RHI is seeking the services of an individual/team professional writer consultant to assist IsDB in conducting a Program Completion Report (PCR) for the Orphans Kafala Program (OKP) in Aceh Indonesia.


Objective(s) of the Assignment

  1. Program Completion Report (PCR) is an essential form of self-assessment and constitutes the link between program management and evaluation. The PCR is a vital document that provides vital information on program implementation and draws lessons to be learned by the IsDB and the beneficiary to improve future programs' design and performance. It constitutes the first step of the post-evaluation exercise. This self-evaluation instrument provides primary data against which the Bank may assess its progress over time and benchmark its performance against other financing institutions. The PCR mainly aims to show concrete results to the IsDB Management, Board, and shareholders while accumulating knowledge within the Bank Group.

  2. Duties: For this program, the professional writer consultant will:

  • Examine the following topics: Historical Background objectives and development of the Program, Implementation performance (PIAs and IsDB), Cost and related Financing Plan (as per original budget and actual), Performance rating (Overall, Program Objectives and Framework Dimensions, cost variation, adherence to the time schedule, Institutional Performance, Output and Outcome Performance, Sustainability and Preliminary Impacts, Final Program outlook, Reporting and Deliverables during implementation, Follow-up of mid-term Program reviews, Outstanding issues from the Program, if any, and suggestions on how to finalize them, Lessons of experience and Recommendations, Provision of photos of the completed Program.

  • Collect from the Program Implementation Agencies (PIAs) all Program-related quantitative data, including those on results achieved, to shape the complete review in close consultation with the PIAs and frame the conclusions within the broader strategic context.

  • Summarize the Program log frame. If a log frame does not exist, the consultant should design a table indicating the overall Program development objective, the major components of the Program and the main activities of each component and their expected outputs, outcomes, and indicators for measuring the achievement of outcomes.

  • The consultant will prepare a comprehensive Program Completion Report (PCR).


Qualification Requirements

  1. The applicant should have:

  • Masters’ Degree in Journalism or Creative Writing or any degree with the relevant professional background.

  • Atleast seven (7) years’ experience of international development organization report or journalism report.

  • Professional English writing skills.

  • Native English is preferable

  • At least 3 (three) samples of the final report authorized by the applicant from the well-known international organizations.


Reporting Requirements and Time Schedule for Deliverables

  1. The consultant will submit a comprehensive inception report (soft copies in both MS-Word and PDF formats)

  2. The consultant will have performed a desk review of the program documentation and other relevant and readily available documents/reports and data.

  3. Provide an interim report for IsDB’s review and comments.

  4. Final report within 1 (one) week of receiving the IsDB comments on the Draft Report. The consultant shall incorporate IsDB’s comments in the final version of the document.


Evaluation Criteria

  1. The following technical criteria will be used, as per the example provided below:

  • General Qualification       : [20] points

  • Adequacy for the Assignment : [40] points

  • Experience in the Sector    : [40] points

  • Total                       : 100 points


Remuneration Table

  1. The remuneration of the consultancy assignment will be in accordance with the IsDB remuneration standard. And the remuneration inclusive of tax, and the employee is required to report and pay the income tax directly to the tax office.


Terms of Payment

  1. The schedule of payment is specified in the table below upon the submission and clearance of the report by the IsDB RHI Indonesia. All payments will be effect only upon receipt of the required documentation and the satisfactory acceptance/clearance from IsDB. Reimbursable expenses should be submitted with the necessary invoices and receipts:

  • 1st Payment of 30%: Upon submission of the inception report, approved by IsDB 

  • 2nd Payment of 30%: Upon submission, draft Program Completion Report (PCR), approved by IsDB 

  • 3rd Payment of 20%: Upon submission Final Program Completion Report (PCR), approved by IsDB  

  • 4th Payment of 20%: Upon completion of 5-day standby for technical queries and follow-up 


Contract Structure & Commencement Time

  1. The selected candidate will work closely with the RHI OKP Team (PMS, AFO, PM) under direction of Resident Representative IsDB RHI.

  2. The selected candidate is expected to start the work as the agreed date once the result of recruitment is finalized.


Award of Contract

  1. The Consultant who received the highest score in the evaluation will be award the contract. The final decision on the evaluation and award of the contract will be at the discretion of the IsDB RHI and cannot be challenge.

Offer Submission

Updated CV with a cover letter that explains how your experiences and skill-set match the vacant position, sample of report (three sample reports) in English, and relevant supporting document to be submitted via email with cc Mr. Deni Fauzi ( And the deadline for submission is on Friday, 07 May 2021.

Detail REoI, Format of Submission Form, and CV download here