Request for Proposal for the Feasibility Study of the Waqf Project of the Isfd In OUAGADOUGOU, Republic of Burkina Faso Bcc2023-022

Notice Type
International Competitive Bidding [Open]
Issue Date
Last date of submission
Tender Type
Expression of Interest

Deadline of the notice has been extended till 15 June 2023





The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), the poverty alleviation arm of the Islamic Development Bank, hereby invites companies/consultancy firms to submit proposals for the Feasibility Study of the ISFD WAQF Project in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.




The objective of the exercise is to determine the most viable and cost-effective investment that can be undertaken on the plot of land that the Government of Burkina Faso has allocated to the ISFD in Ouagadougou, in accordance with the provisions of BOG Resolution No ISFD/BG/3-1433.




The scope of work is detailed in the Terms of Reference attached to this Request for Proposal.




Consultants are being invited to submit SEPERATELY by email: Proposal Submission - BCC2023-022 Feasibility Study of the Waqf Project of the ISFD in Ouagadougou_ Republic of Burkina Faso


  1. a technical proposal showing level of understanding of the assignment and the methodology / tools that will be used in the assessment; It is expected, however, that the methods, techniques and tools, proposed by the successful bidder will be further discussed, refined, and approved during contract negotiation.
  2. a Financial Proposal (in US dollars); The Financial Proposal must be password-protected and sent as a separate file. The password should be shared exclusively with the Corporate Procurement representative:

  1. Email Subject shall be containing assignment name.


will request for the password after the assessment of the technical proposal.


Both proposals should be clearly marked and sent to Proposal Submission - BCC2023-022 Feasibility Study of the Waqf Project of the ISFD in Ouagadougou_ Republic of Burkina Faso

Image removed.And copy to: on or before 1st June 2023 by 4 pm Saudi Arabian time




The consultant shall,


    1. Within 90 days of the conclusion of the agreement with ISFD/IsDB, provide a Draft Feasibility Study in English with Executive Summary in French to the ISFD/IsDB in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
    2. Following reception of the first Draft, the Consultants shall discuss the assumptions and the first conclusions of the feasibility study during an appraisal mission that shall be attended by the Consultants in the Project’s Country.
    3. Within 7 working days of receipt of comments and observations of stakeholder on the Draft Report, provide the Final Feasibility Study that addresses any comments and observations that may have been made on the Draft Report.


ToR is attached to the Notice