Construction of 7 Demostration and Multiplication Plots and it's Complementary Works for the livestocks and Fisheries Development Project (LIFIDEP) in two (2) lots.

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IsDB Member Country Bidding
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Agriculture & Food Security Division
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Cnstruction of 7 Demostration and Multiplication Plots and it's Complementary Works for the livestocks and Fisheries Development Project (LIFIDEP) in two (2) lots.

1. The Government of the Republic of Cameroon has received funding from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) towards the cost of the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project (LIFIDEP) for the North West Region of Cameroon and the Livestock and Fisheries Development Project (LIFIDEP) intends to apply a portion of this financing to eligible payments under the Contract for the construction of 7 demonstration and multiplication plots and its complimentary works in the North West Region.

2. This Invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice for this Project that appeared in the UN Development Business website dated 7th January 2014, the IsDB website dated 7th January 2014 and Cameroon Tribune dated 10th January 2014.

3. Participation in this invitation for bids is open to Member Country firms of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), eligible under IsDB financing.
Besides the clause on boycott as per the Islamic Conference Organization, the Arab League and the African Union Regulations, shall be excluded from the tender, any Contractor that falls under the following provisions:
- Enterprises under suspension because of the cancellation of a contract, in keeping with article 191 of decree NO 2018/366 of 20 June 2018 bearing on Cameroon Public Contracts Code,
- Non-legally and financially autonomous public enterprises which are not managed in keeping with commercial law rules.
4. The Livestock and Fisheries Development Project (LIFIDEP), invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the construction of 7 demonstration and multiplication plots and its complimentary works in the North West Region as per the following two lots :

Lot 1:
a) The construction of 7 demonstration and multiplication centers (class room and office units) in Fundong, Tadu, Misaje/Dumbu, Santa (Coffee Estate), Wum (WADA) Gwofon and Babungo
b) Construction/renovation of 7 divisional veterinary clinics in Fundong, Kumbo, Nkambe, Bamenda II, Wum, Mbengwi and Bamunka
c) Construction of 20 sub divisional veterinary centers in Fundong, Belo, Jakiri, Elak, Nkor, Nkambe, Ndu, Misaje, Ako, Mundum, Pinyin, Bambui, Wum, Benakuma, Zhoa, Batibo, Andek, Bambalang, Bafanji and Babessi.
d) Construction of 5 veterinary control posts in Abonshie, Sabon Gari, Matazem, Bawuru and Esu
e) Construction of 50 meat sale slabs as follows: Fundong, Belo, Mbessa, Njinikom, Bua-Bua, Kumbo, Jakiri, Mbiame, Tolon, Ibal, Kevu, Tatum, Nkor, Lasin, Nkambe old market, Binka market, Ndu, Ntumbaw, Misaje, Dumbu, Ako, Sabon Gari, Mendankwe, Mile 8, Ngomgham, Nkwen, Bafut market, Bali(Njenka), Santa, Pinyin, Akum, Bambui Market, Sabga, Big Babanki, Wum, Befang, Benakuma, Weh, Fura-awa, Acha-Tugi, Guzang, Widikum, Andek, Oshie, Bamuka, Bamessing, Balikumbat, Babungo, Babessi and Baba.
f) Construction of a fish farming center in Baforkum (Bambui)
g) Construction of 15 small slaughter houses in: Fundong, Fonfuka, Jakiri, Elak, Nkambe, Misaje, Bali, Njong, Bambili, Benakuma, Bafmeng, Acha-Tugi, Nkun, Bamunka and Babungo.

Lot 2:
a) The construction and equipment of 3 poultry feed mills in: Kumbo, Nsongwa and Nkwen.
b) Construction of a fish feed mill in: Nkwen
c) Construction of modern slaughter house in : Mendangkwe

A candidate can bid for both lots as a unique candidate or joint venture, consortium, or association (JVCA). Each lot will be awarded to a bidder who satisfies all the qualification requirements of the lot. A bidder can be awarded both lots.

5. Bidding will be conducted through International Competitive Bidding/IsDB Member Countries according to "Guidelines for Procurement of Goods and Works under Islamic Development Bank Financing, May 2009 (updated 2012)", and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the Guidelines as per 3 above,
6. Interested eligible bidders who may need further clarification could do so in writing to the Project Coordinator of LIFIDEP, LIFIDEP Building Ayaba street, P.O Box 142, Mankon Bamenda, Téléphone : (+237) 691 046 397, e-mail:,
at least fifteen (15) days before the closing date for submission of bids.
Qualification requirements include; (a) financial Standing, (b) experience and technical capacity.

7. A complete set of the Bidding Documents in English can be consulted during working hours, at the Secretariat of the Project Coordinator of LIFIDEP, LIFIDEP Building Ayaba street, P.O Box 142, Mankon Bamenda, Cameroon as soon as this notice is published, or obtained upon presentation of receipt of payment of a non-refundable sum of one hundred Thousand (100,000) FCFA, payable into account Number NO 33598845001-20 in the name of << SPECIAL ACCOUNT SAC-ARMP> in any of BICEC branches in Cameroon. Such a receipt shall identify the payer as representing a Contractor or “joint-venture” willing to participate in the bid.

8. Bids shall be valid for one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of submission.

9. The execution time frames shall be 12 months per lot. Where a bidder wins both lots, the execution times shall run concurrently:

10. Bids shall include a bid security (Provisional Bank Guarantee or bid bond), issued in keeping with the tender model by a first category banking institution or any other financial institution approved by the Cameroon Ministry in charge of Finance.
It shall stand at :
Lot 1: 52 500 000 (Fifty two million five hundred thousand) FCFA
Lot 2: 34 500 000 (thirty four Million five hundred thousand) Francs CFA and be valid for a period of one hundred and fifty (150) days with effect from the tender-submission deadline.

A provisional guarantee issued by a non-Cameroon-based banking institution should designate a local bank approved by the Ministry in charge of Finance, Cameroon as a correspondent bank to make the guarantee operative.
The absence or non-compliance of the provisional guarantee with the tender model shall lead to a rejection of the corresponding offer.

11. Each bid written in English or French and in seven (07) sets, comprising one (01) original and six (06) copies labelled as such, should reach the Secretariat of the Project Coordinator, LIFIDEP Building Ayaba Street, Bamenda, Cameroon, on or before the at 10.00H local time (GMT+1). It should be labelled as follows:


12. Bids shall be opened on the 4 December 2018 at 11.00H local time (GMT+1) by the. LIFIDEP Special Tenders’ Board in the Board Room Ground Floor LIFIDEP Building, Ayaba Street, Bamenda Cameroon in the presence of bidders or their duly authorized representatives having a perfect knowledge of the file.

Only one person can represent a bidder, even in the case of a Joint-Venture.

For all acts of corruption, kindly call or send an SMS to MINMAP at these numbers: (+237)673 20 57 25/ (+237)699 37 07 48

Bamenda, the ………
Pius Mbipeh
Project Coordinator

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