Rural Electrification Project Phase II

Notice Type
IsDB Member Country Bidding
Issue Date
Last date of submission
Tender type
Tender Number
Executing department
Energy & ICT Division
Project code
CM 0075 and CM 0076
Project title
Rural Electrification Project Phase II

1. This notice of invitation to tender follows the General Procurement Notice for the Project published respectively in the Public Contract Journal No.778 of ARMP in its edition of Tuesday, March 24, 2015 and the weekly Jeune Afrique No.2853 from 13 to 19 September 2015.
This is the relaunch of lots 2 and 4 with respect to the call for tender No.001/AOIPM/AER/PER II/CSPM/2017 of 09 July 2017 published in the weekly Jeune Afrique of 09 July 2017.

2. The Government of the Republic of Cameroon received funding from the Islamic Development Bank to cover the cost of the rural electrification project phase II, and intends to use part of the funds granted to make payments under the contract for the construction of medium and low voltage distribution lines and the connection of households. The Executing Agency invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the execution of Phase II of the rural electrification work subdivided into two (02) lots as follows:

Designation : Lot 2: Localities of the Center and South Regions
Category (Priority works):
MV lines in km: 104.15
LV lines in km: 85.41
Transformers H61: 43
Household connections: 1241

Designation : Lot 2: Localities of the Center and South Regions
Category (Additional works):
MV lines in km: 22
LV lines in km: 0
Transformers H61: 0
Household connections: 0

Designation : Lot 4: Localities of the Western Regions
Category (Priority works):
MV lines in km: 31
LV lines in km: 21.77
Transformers H61: 9
Household connections: 2093

Designation : Lot 2: Localities of the Western Regions
Category (Additional works):
MV lines in km: 14.1
LV lines in km: 50.83
Transformers H61: 16
Household connections: 0

3. The period of construction is:

Lot 2 N°: Execution Study – 2 Months
: Works – 13 Months

Lot 4 N°: Execution Study – 1 Months
: Works – 9 Months

4. Bids will be submitted in accordance with international competitive bidding procedures for member countries as specified in the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Guidelines for Procurement of Assets and Works under Islamic Bank Funding (current edition), and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the guidelines.

5. Interested bidders may obtain additional information and review the tender documents at the level of the Rural Electrification Agency at the following address during business hours, as from 08: 00 AM to 04: 00 PM. A complete set of tender documents in French can be withdrawn by the interested tenderers on the presentation of the original of the payment receipt to the ARMP Special Transfer Account N°335988 opened at the International Bank of Cameroon for Savings and Credit (BICEC) for a non-refundable amount of One Hundred Thousand (100,000) CFA Francs.

The Tender file can also be sent electronically.

All offers written in French or English in four (04) copies of which one (01) original and three (03) copies marked as such must be accompanied by a bid bond which will remain valid for thirty (30) days beyond the original date of validity of offers in local currency or in a freely convertible currency, and be delivered to the address below not later than 14th of March 2019 at 02 : 00 PM local time and shall be marked:

International Invitation to Tender for Enterprises form IDB Member Countries N°001/AOIPM/AER/PER II/CSPM/2019 of January 13th, 2019 launched by the Rural Electrification Agency of Cameroon for the selection of companies for the execution of phase II rural electrification works.

(Relaunch in Emergency Procedure for lots 2 and 4 with respect to the International Call for Tenders Limited to IDB member Countries N°001/AOIPM/AER/PER II/CSPM/2017 OF July 09, 2017)

"To be opened only in a tender opening session"

The amount of the bid bond per lot is indicated below as follows:
Lot 2 N°: Amount in CFA F – 55,000,000
Lot 4 N°: Amount in CFA F – 20,000,000

The tenders will be opened immediately after deposit, by the Special Commission for Procurement at the Phase II Rural Electrification Project in the presence of the representatives of the tenderers wishing to attend, at the address below. Late offers will be rejected and returned unopened.

The address referred to above is:

Rural Electrification Agency of Cameroon P.O. Box 30 704 Yaoundé
Rural Electrification Project Phase II Management Unit,
located in Etoudi, Carrefour du Palais.
Tel. : (00 237) 242 75 01 66,
Email: with copy to:

The Director General of the AER
Contracting authority,