ToR for Consultanncy Services for Enhancing Quality of Operational Documents

Saudi Arabia
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International Competitive Bidding [Open]
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Enhancing Quality of Operational Documents

Terms of Reference for Consultancy Services for Enhancing Quality of Operational Documents

I. Introduction

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is a Multilateral Development Institution established in 1975 by Articles of Agreement with a membership comprising 57 Member Countries (MCs). The IsDB was set up to act as a catalyst for comprehensive human development, providing Islamic modes of project finance, advisory and technical support to stimulate economic and social progress in its Member Countries (MCs) and Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (NMCs). The Bank is inspired by Islamic principles with a vision to achieve human dignity for all.

The Bank formulated its ’10-Year Strategy’ to advance the institution to the next level in the coming decade, in order to ensure that its development work remains valid and relevant to the current social and economic trends and is aligned to the 2030 development agenda. The Strategy revolves around three strategic objectives and five priority areas in which inclusive development is a principal mandate.

The President, IsDB developed a Five Year Program (P5P) to better position the Bank to deliver on its mandate and priorities. The P5P intends to transform the business model of the institution into a more development-focused approach and new decentralization model has been adopted by the Bank.

II. Background
Greater emphasis of IsDB is on quality of projects during operations cycle and to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. The Country Program Complex (CPC) is responsible to identify, plan, approve and implement all operational activities of the Bank. The Bank is striving to attain high standard of quality as a world class institute. This is very much in line with one of key tracks of the action plan of the CPC for enhancing quality of its operational documents. In order to achieve these institutional goals, the Management has constituted a Quality Review Advisory Group, revised Operations Management Committee and Operation and Development Effectiveness Committee of the Board.
Proper mechanisms and effective support is required for enhancing quality by effective functioning of the quality assurance forums of the Bank.

III. Deliverables and Scope of Services
The consultant should produce strategy document that will guide the interventions of the Bank to effectively support the Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries. The strategy document will include the following:
1. Manage the Operations Management Committee (OMC) Chaired by the Vice President Country Programs which clear all Operation Financing of the Bank;
2. Support work of the Quality Assurance and Review Group (QRAG) or any other quality review and decision making forums to be established, Director General Global Practices (DG-GP);
3. Set Agenda, organize the meetings, take and prepare the minutes and circulate minutes and Quality Review Enhancement Note (QREN) before the next meeting, highlight matters arising and track their implementation of decision etc.;
4. Review all documents that have complied with OMC and QRAG guidance and comment before further processing;
5. Follow up and ensure on a regular basis that all systemic operational and fiduciary issues raised by the are adequately addressed in all projects submitted for review committees’ clearance and provide regular feedback to operations entities;
6. Coordinate the review of OMC documents and prepare advisory notes for the Chair of the meeting;
7. Coordinate the review of documents submitted for OMC and QRAG clearance to ensure compliance with all relevant corporate policies and strategies and alignment with the P5P and the Ten-Year Strategy as well as have clear delivery mechanisms prior to submission for consideration by OMC and QRAG;
8. Monitor and report on the CRS and GPs compliance with and assuring the quality of review process at their level;
9. Prepare the report after each OMC Meeting and QRAG meeting for Management’s decision making
10. Develop, maintain, and continuously improve committees Internal Operating Procedures aimed at streamlining and simplifying review meetings;
11. Review and propose improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality review and Clearance process and Forums;
12. Review all documents being submitted to the Board to ensure their compliance with the relevant committee minutes and board policies.
13. Suggest enhancement in Quality Review Mechanism and efficiency of Review Forums.

IV. Duration of the Assignment
The duration of the assignment to conclude the work of the consultant is 6 Months. The work requires physical presence of the incumbent to be based at IsDB HQ in Jeddah.

V. Selection Criteria
The primary requirement for the consultancy is suitable technical qualification and at least 15 years work experience in an MDB. The consultant must have at least a Master’s Degree in the Social Sciences / Economics / MBA/ IT / or related fields. Besides, the educational qualification, the incumbent must have complemented with long-term work experience related to data governance and management discipline.
The evaluation will be based on a technical criteria, include the consultant’s qualification, expertise, and experience with IFIs/MDBs.

Contact Person:
Mr. Aamir Ghani Mir,
Operations Quality and Results (OQR)
Tel: +966-12-6466905