General Procurement Notice-Expansion & Development of the port of tripoli project-Lebanon

Saudi Arabia
Notice Type
International Competitive Bidding [Open]
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Last date of submission
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Executing department
Information & Communications
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Project title
Expansion and Development of the port of tripoli-Lebanon

The Government of Lebanon has applied for financing in the amount of $86,000,000 equivalent from the Islamic Development Bank toward the cost of the Expansion and Development of the Port of Tripoli, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project This project will (I be jointly financed by the Government of Lebanon.
The project will include the following components.

1. Civil Works ----------------------------------------------------Mode of Procurement

Lot-1: Infrastructure Works, Uutility Buildings, Compound Buildings and Electric Sub-stations and Rail Link and Rail stabling within the new Port and upgrading of existing port --------------- Pre-qualification, ICB/MC
Lot-2: Car and Truck Bridges to Port Entrance --------------------------- Post-qualification, 1CB/MC

2. Installation of Information Technology Systems and other equipment

Lot-3: IT systems for managing all port operations. ------------------------------ QCBS

Lot-4: Truck Scanner --------------------------------- Limited International Bidding (LIB)

3. Project Implementation
PMU ----------------------------------------------- National/Short List, Direct Negotiation (DS)
TA at Port Authority ---------------------------------- National/International, Direct Negotiation (DS)

Procurement of contracts financed by the Islamic Development Bank will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the Guidelines for Procurement of Goods and Works under Islamic Development Bank Financing (current edition), and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the guidelines. Consulting services will be select in accordance with the Guidelines for the Use of Consultants under Islamic Development Bank Financing (current edition).

Specific procurement notices for contracts to be bid under the Islamic Development Bank’s international competitive bidding (ICB) or international competitive bidding — member countries (ICB/MC) procedures and for contracts for consultancy Services will be announced, as they become available, in IsDB Website, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, six local newspapers and CDR Website.
Prequalification of Suppliers and contractors will be required for the following contracts ‘THE CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT— PACKAGE I”