Construction of Saida and kalaa Kibira Dams and Water Transfer Infrastructure Project

The main objective of the project is to ensure water supply, quality, and security in Cap Bon, Sfax and Sahel for both potable and irrigation water for the next decades.

Specifically, the aims are to: (i) Enhance water supply in central Tunisia for both potable and agriculture water needs; (ii) Increase water storage capacity between Tunis and Sfax to better manage water crises; and (iii) reduce overuse and depletion of groundwater resources in Central Tunisia. The program aims to satisfy the water demand in major consumption centers namely the regions of Greater Tunis, Cap Bon, Sahel, Sfax, Gabes, Medenine, etc. as well as in rural areas in the North and Northwest part of the country for the 2030 horizon - through construction of a regulation dam in Saida and Kalaa Kebira and construction of a system to transfer raw water.