The Bank’s new transformational strategic commitments are to provide a more responsive and effective end-to-end disbursement function. IsDB’ expanded role of the disbursement function requires the Disbursement Division to participate with the project operational cycle from the preparation phase in assessing the capacity of the beneficiary, the implementation of disbursement modalities until the project closure. The Disbursement Division is responsible for processing all disbursement requests submitted by the beneficiary in conformity with the Bank’s applicable disbursement procedures. The Disbursement Division acts as the focal point and resource center for activities and issues related to project disbursements in HQ and regional hubs.

The IsDB Disbursement Handbook provides information on the disbursement policies, guidelines, and procedures of the IsDB. It is intended to serve as a reference tool for all external parties involved in the preparation and implementation of projects and programs financed by or through the Bank.  The policies and procedures outlined in this handbook apply to sovereign and sovereign-guaranteed operations funded in whole or part, or through funds administered by the Bank.  The handbook concerns the disbursement operations for projects and programs funded by the Bank from proceeds out of its Ordinary Capital Resources, Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, Waqf Fund, as well as from Special and Trust Funds, and any other donor-originated funds administered by the Bank. It also covers co-financing from partners who have requested the Bank to assume responsibility for the administration of project or program disbursements. 

For further information, please contact:

Dues & Disbursement Division

Financial Control Department

Islamic Development Bank

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Email: Disbursements@isdb.org