Case Studies


The Communities Outreach Programme (COP) has contributed to inclusive development in many IsDB non-member countries. The following Case Studies are examples of how the COP can serve as vital mechanisms for improving the socio-economic status of the Muslim communities in IsDB non-member countries, in particular the improvement in education, health and the welfare of the communities. The COP strives to ensure that the gap in access to quality education and health services for the Muslim minority communities in IsDB non-member countries has been reduced and eventually been eliminated so that Muslim minority communities in IsDB non-member countries can be productive citizens in their countries. 

This section of the website outlines a few sample cases where the IsDB has used its Communities Outreach Programme’s fund in ways that enhance the development of the Muslim minority communities in IsDB non-member countries. The cases show how the projects can make a positive difference and contribute to inclusive development in several IsDB non-member countries.

The subsequent Case Studies reflect sample of the COP’s contribution and explain ways and means in which IsDB projects can contribute access to education, health & skills development, promoting the participation of Muslim minority communities in growth and inclusive development. The Case Studies are related to Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Canada and Zimbabwe, and synthesize the contribution of selected projects that were supported under the Communities Outreach Programme (COP).