Covid-19 Funding Overview


Emergency Support for the Preparedness and Response Plan against COVID-19 (Phase I) in Benin

US$ 20.00 million

The project will provide urgent support to control the spread of the virus and to reduce infection through enhancing the capacity of the health care system to respond and manage COVID-19 cases. The project will strengthen the country’s health system capacity in providing essential health care services to protect the population against COVID-19, and will enhance the country’s capacity in case detection, confirmation and management throughout the country and at 64 Points of Entry to the country.

The Bank’s financing will enable the country to acquire and install 4 prefabricated Healthcare Units, construct and equip 2 National Laboratories P3 level, acquire 2 Mobile Laboratories P3 level and 2 Ambulances. The project covers the entire country providing health services to the population of Porto Novo and Cotonou as well as people crossing Benin.

Burkina Faso

Emergency Support to COVID-19 Response Plan Project, Burkina Faso

US$ 5.99 million

The project will support the Government’s response to COVID-19 health emergency (preparedness and response) by enhancing the capacity of five regions of Burkina Faso to prevent, detect and control the spread of the virus, thereby breaking the community transmission of the virus. 

The project will enable the country to procure urgent medical and non-medical supplies for infection prevention and control including personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers, as well as medical equipment such as testing kits, laboratories reagent, thermal camera disinfectants and vehicles needed to enhance the capacity of the targeted regions to respond to the COVID-19. The project also includes various measures to strengthen the surveillance capacity at the Points of Entry (POE) of the regions, and training of the Rapid Response Teams on epidemic response to limit the spread of the virus. 

In addition, the project will finance programs to develop risk communication and community mobilisation to raise awareness among the populations for behaviour change to reduce the spread of the virus and ultimately break the community transmission of the virus. 


Support to the COVID 19 response for essential reproductive health activities

US$ 1.535 million

The project, which is the first in three phase support under Covid-19 Response package totaling $30.5 million) aims to support the continuation of essential maternal and childcare services for the most vulnerable communities. 

The project will enable the country to undertake critical activities related to the COVID 19 response and for essential reproductive health activities, including acquisition of personal protective medical equipment for health care professionals and COVID 19 laboratory reagents, upgrading the emergency obstetric and neonatal care services in line with COVID 19 requirements, provision of psychosocial support to front line health care professionals engaged in the COVID 19 medical services, and upgrading the health management information system in line of the COVID 19 surveillance requirements.


Cote d’Ivoire

Emergency Support to the COVID-19 Response Plan Project in the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire.

US$ 46.20 million

The project consists of strengthening the country’s capacity in terms of preparedness and response to the COVID-19 through supporting the Government’s efforts to prevent, detect and respond to the threat posed by COVID-19 pandemic.  More specially, the project will help the Government in terms of enhancing the capacity of case management and containment of the disease transmission.

The project will equip 14 COVID-19 treatment centres with essential medical equipment including Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as per WHO standard in terms of COVID-19 case management; provision of 373 medical Equipment of care units for Infectious and Tropical Diseases Services to be procured and deployed, procurement of 2.6 million COVID-19 related protective kits as per approved protocols and delivery to frontline medical workers across the country. In addition, the project will also provide 20 ambulances and 12 customised pre-fabricated modular structures including air conditioning and oxygenation circuit with a capacity of 515 beds.


Emergency Support to the COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan in Guinea 

US$ 20 million   

The project aims at strengthening the country's capacity in preparedness and response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, the project will strengthen the response to COVID-19 through prevention, control, and case management; and strengthening the health system to overcome COVID-19 epidemic peak effects with focus on strengthening response and preparedness.

The project will enhance surveillance at entry points; prevention, infection control and case management; develop information and communication activities; build monitoring and coordination of interventions; strengthen laboratory system; and bolster health infrastructure and human capital.

The project will provide the Government with required medical equipment for 38 COVID-19 treatment centres and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as per WHO standards in COVID-19 case management; medical equipment and infection control products and supplies for 2 regional hospitals in Mamou et Faranah; 4 laboratories in Labé, Kankan, Boké et Nzérékoré, 4 epidemic treatment centres in Labé, Kankan, Neze et Kindia; new center for epidemic treatment in Nongo; awareness and sensitisation campaigns for population across the country; training for 3000 Health staff in COVID-19 investigation, contact tracing, testing notification, and treatment as per approved protocols. 

Kyrgyz Republic

Emergency Support for Building COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response capacity in the Kyrgyz Republic

US$ 15.00 million

The resources provided by the IsDB will assist the Kyrgyz Republic strengthen its health system preparedness and response to COVID-19 pandemic, improving quality and timeliness of the pandemic containment measures and minimising risks of infection to health workers and general population. The financing package will help in strengthening the diseases surveillance capacity; enhance the pandemic containment measures; and support project management. 

The IsDB intervention will help reduce COVID-19 case fatality rate (CFR) in the Kyrgyz Republic to less than 2% and provide the Government with: (i) 10 diagnostic labs fully equipped with PCR equipment and transportation vehicles ready for diagnostics of COVID-19; (ii) 30 new ambulances to enhance rapid response capacity of healthcare sector, and (iii) provision of  needed medical equipment, PPEs and essential drugs  to 32 designated hospitals across the country, to protect against COVID-19. 


Emergency Response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Maldives - Phase 1

US$ 0.594 million

The Project, representing phase 1 of a two-phase support totalling $20 million, will strengthen the health system preparedness and response to COVID-19 pandemic by scaling-up one regional health facility capacity for case tracing and infection control, and improving the emergency health care quality.

The funding provided by the IsDB will support in ensuring that at least 80% of confirmed COVID-19 cases admitted in project targeted ICU are treated as per the approved protocol, and will serve the targeted communities of Haa Alif, Haa Dhaalu and Shaviyani Atolls in the upper north province of Maldives covering a population of about 55,905.  The funding will help in upscaling of the Shaviyani Atoll hospital to serve as a standard facility for management of COVID-19 cases including the equipping of ICU units with 9 medical-grade ventilators, 10 cardiac monitors, 10 patient trollies and other related medical equipment and devices.


Emergency Support to the National Plan for Preparedness and Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Project in Mali

US$ 22.5 million

The project aims to strengthen the country's capacities in terms of preparedness and response to the epidemic due to the new Coronavirus by financing prevention, control, and case management activities; and strengthening the overall health system to overcome COVID-19 epidemic peak impact.

The project will enhance surveillance at the various entry points and risk areas for the early detection and timely notification of suspected cases and contacts of COVID-19, enhance prevention, infection control and case management; develop communication and raising awareness activities, strengthen laboratory systems and treatment centres, develop monitoring and coordination of interventions.

The project will provide the Government with required medical equipment and consumables for 9 selected COVID-19 treatment centres and Intensive Care Units (ICU) as per WHO standard in terms of COVID-19 case management, laboratory equipment for 6 regional laboratories as per WHO standard in terms of COVID-19 screening and confirmation, establishment and equipment of 26 Modular clinics in Bamako and 20 districts around the country, awareness and sensitisation campaigns on COVID-19 transmission and prevention for populations living in 6 regions and 20 districts.


Acquisition and deployment of medical equipment to fight against COVID-19, Islamic Republic of Mauritania

US$ 0.9 million

The project aims at supporting the Government of Mauritania’s efforts to strengthen its Covid-19 response capacity to identify, investigate suspected cases of COVID-19 and protect frontline medical workers against the coronavirus transmission. The project will include the acquisition of Covid-19 samples’ collection and transport kits; and acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The project will enable the Government to collect and transport 20,000 specimen samples in the required bio safety protocols; identify all high risk/exposed cases for investigation giving priority to the most at risk and vulnerable persons, i.e. elderly, people with chronic diseases; and protect frontline Health Workers with PPE.


Emergency Support to the Institute Pasteur in Dakar (IPD) for Laboratory Diagnosis of COVID-19 Project in Senegal

US$ 5.52 million

The project aims at strengthening the country's capacity in preparedness and response to the new Coronavirus COVID-19 in Senegal. Specifically, the project will extend the screening and laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 across the country through acquisition of mobile laboratories and deploying rapid diagnostic tests for remote communities that are difficult to reach; enhancing IPD manufacturing capacity for supporting sub-Saharan African countries for laboratory diagnostic of COVID-19; and promoting capacity development, peer learning and knowledge sharing between IPD and the laboratories network in the sub-Saharan countries on preparing and responding to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The project includes the acquisition and deployment of mobile laboratories; development of rapid diagnosis tests (RDT); acquisition of laboratory equipment, reagent and consumables; establishment of Biobank; and capacity Development, Peer Learning and Knowledge through Reverse Linkage.

The project enable IPD to acquire 4 PCR machines, 160 RDT readers, reagents, and consumables; 200,000 laboratory diagnosis tests for COVD-19 confirmation; 5 fully equipped Mobile Laboratories; required equipment and reagents for the  development of 4 million Rapid tests; and development of regional laboratories network in 10 sub-Saharan countries on preparing and responding to COVID-19 pandemic.


Emergency Support for  the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan of the Republic of the Sudan

US$ 35.00 million

The project aims at supporting the efforts of the Government of Sudan in its Emergency Response for preventing, containing, and managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will improve capacity of the inpatient services and Intensive Care Units (ICU); improve safety of frontline health workers and enhance Infection prevention and control (IPC) in facilities; and enhancing capacity of isolation and quarantine facilities.

The project will enable the Government to acquire 540 patient monitors with full capacity and 150 portable monitors, 2,680 Ambu bags, 460 ventilators with compressors, 50 portable ventilators and 1,070 oxygen cylinders of different capacities, and 0.9 million N95 masks, 0.5 million surgical gloves and 1.8 million examination gloves, and other medical supplies.


Emergency Support for Building COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response capacity in the Republic of Tajikistan

US$ 9.4 million

The IsDB funding will supplement the efforts of the Government of Tajikistan in prevention, rapid detection and effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will contribute in reducing morbidity and mortality in the country. The financial support by the IsDB will enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Tajikistan to boost the Country’s Preparedness and Response Plan against COVID-19 control focusing on strengthening of preventive (prophylaxis) measures and improving Intensive Care Capacity in the country. 

The resources provided by the IsDB will enable the Government to purchase Personal Protective Equipment, Infection Prevention Control and Waste Management equipment to cover 2,700 of frontline health workers including doctors, specialised nurses, and provision of 80 Intensive Care Units including ventilators, monitors, electrocardiograph (ECG), suction & infusion pumps, defibrillators in 6 hospitals in Dushanbe, Rudaki, Vahdat, Khodjand and Kulyab districts benefiting most populous parts of the country. 


Emergency Support Package for Tunisia to fight the COVID19 Pandemic

US$ 50.00 million

The objective of the package is to support the national pandemic response to overcome the immediate health effects, and the negative socio-economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The package represents the first part of the Bank’s support to Tunisia and will provide medical equipment, essential emergency health supplies, including medicines, IPC material, PPE, disinfectants, and test equipment.

The project will enable the strengthen the Country’s health system by upgrading 58 health care units (Regional and University Hospitals) to manage COVID-19 cases by acquiring mainly fully equipped resuscitation (ICU) beds, and rehabilitating 28 Points of Entry (POE) (air, sea and land) to manage COVID 19 cases identification and surveillance, procurement of 30,000,000 Necessary Personal Protective Equipment to fully protect the health care staff, especially front line responders, enhancing Laboratory capacity by acquiring additional test and laboratory equipment (3 PCRs and 12 PCRs modules); and supply of Medicine sufficient for at least 3 months to fight the COVID-19 disease. 


IsDB’s Working Capital Facility Will Support Vulnerable SMEs in Turkey

EUR 92 million 

COVID-19 disrupted global and local supply chains and led to a global economic shock. SMEs have been hit the hardest in several IsDB Member Countries including Turkey. It is likely that their operations and financial strength will deteriorate further unless urgent action is taken, and it is estimated that 25 million jobs could be lost globally. 

In order to alleviate the negative impact of the pandemic on the real sector, IsDB has approved on 21 May 2020 a financing facility of up to EUR 92 million to help Turkish SMEs sustain their operations in these difficult times. The facility will be utilised through Ziraat Katılım Bank to finance working capital goods of SMEs under the guarantee of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Turkey and reinforce the stimulus package announced by the Government to tackle the pandemic and protect the private sector. 

As the backbone of the Turkish economy, SMEs are the driving force of exports and employment. They constitute around 99% of total enterprises, 74% of total employment, 54% of value added, 19% of R&D expenditures and 56% of exports in Turkey based on 2019 data. By reinforcing those SMEs, the IsDB facility will contribute to the Bank’s flagship SME support intervention called “Strengthening the Economic Resilience of Vulnerable Enterprises” (SERVE) Program by providing the funding required to sustain SME activities and ensure continuity of the necessary supplies essential for Turkish and global economy. 

The IsDB Facility will support at least 35 SMEs and sustain at least 2,000 jobs. Women and youth are expected to hold at least 30% of sustained jobs as a result of this intervention. The facility will prioritise SMEs from health, agriculture, agribusiness and food sectors in terms of providing financing in order to ensure functioning of critical supply chains in the country.

Ziraat Katılım, which reached 93 branches as of end-2019 in 43 cities of Turkey, has been chosen as the financial intermediary in this transaction. Disbursement will be made under a goods Murabaha modality in which Ziraat Katılım will act as IsDB’s Agent and will have the power to appraise and select the sub-transactions to be financed from the IsDB facility. As this will be the first direct operation between IsDB and Ziraat Katılım, it will initiate a partnership between the two Islamic finance institutions and could pave way to further collaboration in the future.  

IsDB is fully committed to support sustainable development of Turkey and stands ready to alleviate the impact of the pandemic. In addition to this working capital facility, IsDB has recently provided USD 100 million to Turk Eximbank to finance capital expenditures of  Turkish exporters. 


Equipping of the 10,000 beds Medical Facility for Treatment of COVID-19 Patients in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

US$ 17.16 million

The IsDB funding will support the implementation of the National COVID-19 Response Plan of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It will contribute to the massive efforts of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan to prevent the spread of the infection and provide diagnostic facilities and advance equipment and medical supply for treatment of infected people. 

The project will finance purchasing of medical supply and equipment for the specialised medical facility of 10,000 beds for treatment of the COVID-19 infected patients in Tashkent. This will include medical equipment/supply for diagnostic and inpatient department, medical laboratories, central sterilisation unit, hospital pharmacy, pathology department, info-communication systems, and installation, commissioning and training services. 

The Project will enhance the capacity and preparedness of the Health sector of Uzbekistan in response to the COVID-19 through provision of preventive measures, testing, quarantine and treatment facilities. The project was implemented using advanced procurement by the Government of Uzbekistan, with most equipment already delivered and the remaining parts are expected to be delivered within month.