Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Forum: Ensuring Inclusiveness and Sustainability in Development Interventions

Webinar (11:00 AM – 12:25 PM KSA Time), (10:00 - 11:25 AM Cairo Time)


Building inclusive communities is the task of civil society. Improving governance and market alone will not lead to achievement of the SDGs; it requires communities to become inclusive. Until communities stop excluding people based on gender, class, religion…etc, efforts to achieve the SDGs will always fall short. Inclusive communities are vital for achieving the SDGs as well as any mission of the MDBs. Thus; it is of paramount importance to ensure inclusiveness and sustainability measures in our development efforts.

The Forum aims at exploring the best practices followed by development institutions to ensure inclusivity and sustainability in development efforts in the economic and social sectors. In specific, it aims to:

  • Highlight current and future challenges and issues related to inclusive development especially in the post COVID Recovery time.
  • Introduce the two important programs dedicated for supporting the CSOs, and its technical and financial support provided to CSOs during the Pandemic, which improve the CSOs roles and contribute to the inclusiveness and sustainability of their interventions.
  • Showcase and share experiences of best practices in ensuing sustainability of interventions.


Key issues to be addressed:

  • How to ensure inclusiveness and equitable development in our interventions.
  • What are emerging opportunities and prospects for promoting inclusive development through ongoing globalization process and technological progress.
  • The importance of building a network of partners from the CSOs in the different areas of development among all OIC member countries “building their capacities and make them standby for any future emergencies”
  • What are the main current challenges in achieving inclusive and sustainable growth in development?
  • How is inclusive development a Multi-disciplinary issue?
  • What hinders the sustainability of operations in our development interventions, and how to address these challenges
  • How to improve the efficiency of the development programs provided by different actors for the sustainability of the CSOs