Impact of COVID-19 pandemic and measures taken by the financial institutions: Action & Regulation

Webinar (10 AM - 12 PM KSA Time)

As part of IsDB Group Initiative to support member countries affected by COVID-19 pandemic, ICD called for a strong global coordination and collaboration for immediate response, as well as medium to long term interventions. In this context in July 2020 the ICD’s Board of Directors approved the USD 250 Million COVID-19 Support Package for member countries of ICD affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic mainly in the form of Lines of Financing and Equity investment.

In addition, ICD has supported its existing Clients affected by adverse impact of COVID-19 by extending some reliefs in payment terms or rescheduling/restructuring of the facilities where deemed necessary.

The side event will explore and discuss impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial institutions and measures taken by them to overcome the negative impact of the pandemic, including regulatory measures of the governments and centrals banks.